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Discussion items

5-10 minutesAdministriviaKathryn
  • Follow up from previous meeting discussion on ethics (bibliography on the wiki here: Web Archiving Ethics Bibliography)

    • CF is on the DLF ethics working group so will bring back to this group
  • Wiki access issues: email for wiki related issues

  • Web archiving at UCR? may not have anyone as of yet...

  • Discussion topic backlog:

    • capture tools scan/assessment

    • web archives use (including analytics from AIT)

    • web archives as data

    • preservation

10-15 minutesNews of Note: announcements, conference presentations/report backs, project updates, calls for participation, etc. All

 KM: Now Head of Special Collections/University Archives. Will be hiring University Archivist who will be responsible for web archiving. In meantime, have been focusing on "squeaky wheel" captures.

CM: "Lighting the Way" forum earlier this week (Stanford, IMLS-funded) - focus on groundwork/high level assessment re how we provide useful discovery and access to digital archival resources (including web archives). ID'ing blockers/boosters, likely to end up with an set of white papers/distilled notes and Charlie will share out.

TM: Helping gov docs librarian with collection of links on impeachment hearings (including tweets, social media) - trying to put together a full picture of what happened when. Assessed whether others doing this - didn't find much coordinated work. Also web archiving for arts librarian - latin american scholarly work on art (quite volatile, over 5 mos. some broken, including embedded eReader). If anyone has experience with eReader - welcome input!

KS: EOT - folks starting to discuss. DLF access for born digital - add to the ethics bibliography.

~20 minutesWeb Archives object representation and metadata in Calisphere (sharing session)Matthew McKinley

Looking at potential for new object types in Calisphere, could include web archives. Working on draft recommendations for harvesting web archives objects in Calisphere - key question: at what level to harvest/organize, collection or seed? Usually more md at the collection level. Could consider "hybrid" collections (e.g., those that include mixed materials such as images, sound files, and web archives) - accommodating these would work better if opt for collection level organization in Calisphere.

Required metadata for Calisphere = title, rights, object URL, thumbnail URL

What other metadata would be useful to include? Date (e.g., "captured since..."), from AIT - "Adder/Collector" (maps to Publisher in Calisphere?)

Matthew has done a service comparison of how other aggregators are representing web archives (Archive-It, DPLA, Europeana, Trove, DigitalNZ)

Matthew's draft doc: (will export to share with group following meeting)

Feedback, ideas to Matthew:

Once research/recs more finalized can come back to this group.


CM: Exciting prospects. How to link web archive collections to mss colls? Goal to do this, but don't have md as of yet to do this. Much of UCSF web archives focused on UCSF organizational history - tries to capture some of this in the custom/bespoke md fields in IA, not sure how this will map to Calisphere.

MM: Any new harvesting source to CSphere, want to capture as much as they can (so keep as much as possible in backend db, even if not yet mapped to user interface?).

CF: Not describing each crawl, but collection of crawls - so glad asking these questions! Seems like there is a missing landing page in Archive It. Has anyone been able to export their md from AIT (KS: yes - can export as delimited data).

MM: some constraints in adhering to the existing CSphere data model.

Action items