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  • 2019-09-12 Meeting notes
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  • Set a path for future meeting models/topics.
  • Share information and make connections around approaches to web archives description and discovery.

Discussion items

5-10 minutesAdministriviaKathryn
  • Consider model for future meetings
  • Discussion topic backlog:
    • collecting ethics

    • web archives use

    • web archives as data

    • social media archiving

    • preservation

10-15 minutesNews of Note: announcements, conference presentations/report backs, project updates, calls for participation, etc.All
30-40 minutes

Metadata/Discovery approaches for web archives (sharing and discussion)

Possible topics to consider:

  • How are you including web archive holdings in the discovery environments where users find research resources (including and beyond Archive-It)?
  • Have you adapted the OCLC Research web archiving metadata recommendations to local cataloging practices?
  • What do your metadata workflows look like?
  • What ideas might you have for improving user discovery and contextualization of web archives?
  • TM: UCSD colls are in the catalog and some links in finding aids. Most discovery outside of Archive-It is via the catalog. Most, if not all have collection level records.
  • JC: UCLA older colls not necessarily consistent, but moving to standardize for new crawls. Some links in lib guides. Differences in how colls are formed, older crawls may be part of research projects with target users that are involved in curation. Different approaches to different audiences.
  • KM: Case by case approaches with different depts whose websites they've captured - in some cases they could links on their sites to share archives with their users (including this as a service offering to shop with them when roadshowing with records management folks). Also use case of sharing links when sunsetting sites.
    • Looking at automated taxonomy approach to augment metadata in Archive-It, working with the UCD DataLab - text mining the full sites (using WARC data with TFIDF, LDA) to pull out keywords to represent the aboutness. Possibly working with Archive-It folks. TBD how much human QA, iteration on determining the "aboutness".
  • CF: Is anyone using something other than Archive-It? It could be restrictive for smaller orgs (MVZ uses IA and downloads scrapes)
  • KS: Webrecorder (include link to the webinar)
  • TM: Using it for social media capturing.
  • CF: In-depth assessment of tools, report on tools? (follow on to find report?)
  • ACTION: This group could inventory tools/consider uses, maturity/adoption/reliability. Set up table?
  • KS: Tools assessment and/or archives use for next meeting - will propose some ideas to the group and encourage folks to share out any reports/papers that they're aware of that critically assess the tools that are available.
  • KM: Archives is a useful topic.

Action items