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  • Prioritize/schedule future agenda topics, Feb-May
  • Catch up on news of note from campus web archiving projects/programs, other web archiving initiatives
  • Continue surfacing shared insights and opportunities related to web archiving collection development 

Discussion items

5 minutesAdministriviaKathryn
10 minutesAgenda building, Feb-MayAll

Ideas/possible leads from previous meetings:

  • preservation (Kathryn, Charlie)
    • (Also in relation to possible UC Preservation approaches - UC Libraries Digital Preservation Strategy group, conducting interviews with "exemplars" (leaders in the field) and talking to campuses about what they're doing, web archiving is included in this group's work, they're fact finding now and not all campuses are yet involved, also looking at tools that do include web archiving) Both Charlie and Kevin are involved as is John Chodacki. ACTION: Charlie will share an update when they're able.
  • social media approaches (perhaps Eric?)
  • collaborative collection development (TBD)
  • enhanced discovery and access (Kevin - spring later in the year)
  • metadata for web archive content?
  • approaches to QA?
  • tool demos?
    • (anyone using? some testing/dabbling...pipelines for WARCs to AIT?) ACTION: KS reach out to Anna Perricci re demo in Feb/March?
  • project deep dives?
    • revisit Cobweb, on down the line - Jennifer noted that Cobweb was shared out with UCLA librarians (Kathryn)
    • update (Kathryn, Julie, other team members? - sometime sooner than later Feb)

10-20 minutesNews of Note: announcements, conference presentations/report backs, project updates, calls for participation, etc.All
  • Kevin: on a panel at SCA (April) on enhanced discovery and access for web archiving (working with data science group for developing automated taxonomy for describing web archives). will share out to this group. Spoke with Jefferson Bailey at AIT re developments and feature requests, Q2 possible enhancement to move seeds around collection to collection.
  • Charlie: Doing a lot of crawling for lab websites; Polina is putting together a presentation on this and Charlie can share out.
  • Kathryn: SFMOMA art libraries event.
10-20 minutesCollection development follow-up - responsive collecting, collaborative collecting, engaging subject and/or technical expertise to develop collectionsAll
  • Tori: Transitioning out of a pilot, gov docs feels like a useful place to explore as a collaborative opportunity. Gov Docs web collecting has been focuses on press releases, data, accountability agencies - capturing dynamic site content, policy and legislation. Local and federal.
  • Julie: IGS collects local gov, bay are counties and cities (e.g., annual financial reports, budgets, docs on set schedule) - parameters can be set.
  • Kevin: +1 gov docs, AIT used to be under gov docs librarian and relates to genesis of WAS. responsive collecting locally could be useful. Local gov docs, plus Sacramento.
  • Charlie: UCSF engaged in documenting public health for city and co of SF...
  • Responding to local events that happen in real time, need more infrastructure and resourcing to be responsive, also involves social media.

Action items