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  • 2018-11-08 Meeting notes
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  • Confirm revisions to the WACKG charter
  • Share insights on collection development approaches
  • Regroup and catch up on news of note from campus web archiving projects/programs

Discussion items

5-10 minutes Administrivia Kathryn
  • Let Kathryn know if you don't have wiki access.
  • All on the listserv!
  • Template for agendas (following today's) - let's work with the format for today's meeting for now and adjust as needed as we go.
10-15 minutesConfirm revised charterKathryn + All
  • Edits made, KS will put out to group for final review within 3 weeks.
15-20 minutes

Discussion: Web archiving collection development policies and approaches

All (topic brought by Tori)
  • Tori: at UCSD, web archiving is large pilot program → established program. Meeting with selectors re how crawling, id'ing what to crawl. Get feel for what's being crawled now. Also preservation concerns (what to do with WARCs)
  • Charlie: UCSF archives has a policy, simple b/c not so many subject librarians, mostly directed from within archives but others on campus are learning about potential and requests are addressed by archives staff as able/fit. Set expectations re service vis requestors (also what to do/expect for institutional sites). Points to records management policy/schedules.
  • Kevin: UCD has policy (surveyed UCs and peer institutions, id'ed collecting areas and contingencies for these), getting feedback from selectors. Doesn't address event-based collecting - anyone else doing this? Most activity has been responsive. Id's stakeholders (including RMs).
  • WARC preservation? Who is doing that? Rachel thinking about it, without a lot of capacity, may need to prioritize. Kevin notes that DuraCloud provided offer of bundle pricing. ACTION: Kathryn to dig up DuraCloud proposal and look into LOCKSS, other options, set as future agenda item (in 2019).
  • Rachel has an older one that needs to be revisited, much of their collecting (UCSF Industry Docs) is event-driven.
  • To be continued - engaging with selectors, event-driven collecting next time

10-15 minutesAnnouncement: Cobweb demo site (! (webinar recording here:
  • Kathryn provided an invitation for folks to get into the Cobweb demo site and engage with functionality. Would love to hear how folks see this platform working for them, supporting their collection development activities. Also, check out the recorded webinar video. Kathryn could do a deeper dive at upcoming meeting.
5-10 minutesNews of note: conference presentations/report backs, project updates, calls for participation, etc.All
  • Didn't get to this, but folks like the idea of brief, round-robin style info sharing.

Action items

  • Kathryn Stine to set up columns to record collecting policies and preservation approaches in the "snapshot" table on this wiki. WACKG members to populate with local info.