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, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


Discussion items








Campus Updates


Hired new Digital Archivist, from The Gates Foundation- Tori Maches

UC Davis-

Kevin still serving as Interim Head of Special Collections. Davis is undergoing a reorganization of Special Collections, and currently deciding whether or not the University Archives and Special Collections should be merged.

Hiring a wine archivist for a contract position.

Recently received a CLIR grant for digitization project.


Planning a project to digitize everything in general collection- 120,000 volumes. Only one person will be able to check out each digital object at a time.

Received LSTA Grant for $100,000 for for textual data extraction from historical materials on AIDS/HIV.


Several key staff departures in Special Research Collections this summer. Will be hiring two LA-4 positions.

Will be bringing in recordings of dying/dead languages from Linguistics Department. Looking for grant opportunities to fund processing.

UC Irvine-

Have been focusing on developing and revising procedures and workflows.

Replacing processing archivists.

Dealing with faculty papers- need to develop more clearly defined policy.

  Other topics discussed 

 -Confirmed that all archivists (among those present) have been informed that they will not receive funding for SAA in Austin, Texas, next year. This includes LAUC funds. SCA has discussed possibility of adding an extra day to Annual Meeting for UC and CSU Archivists.

-Discussion of stopgap labor measures being used by UC Libraries to avoid hiring full time, permanent archivists. UCLA has been using temporary contracts, University Archives at Santa Barbara has had to rely on student labor for tasks that really should be performed by professionals or paraprofessionals.

-CLIR Report. Marlayna proposed that we all review and that it be placed on the agenda for future meeting discussions, or perhaps for annual in-person meeting.


Agenda Building

  • Next meeting: October 17, 1-2 pm
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