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  • 2018-07-19 Meeting notes
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  • Share overview of web archiving activities at each campus
  • Discuss and affirm revisions to the WACKG charter
  • Compile topics of interest/import for future meetings

Discussion items

5-10 minuteAdministrivia
  • listserv coming! as is editing access for the wiki for all! hopefully both next week.
20-25 minutes Review campus "snapshot" table 


  • UCSF (Charlie): Industry Docs Library (tobacco industry, sugar, pharmaceutical and chemical industries), vast number of institutional websites (~5-600),complements to collecting areas (e.g., AIDS/HIV activism, history) Challenges: working with content creators, IT folks seem interested/supportive in theory to include web archiving as part of workflow

  • UCR (Eric): institutional (inc student groups), govnt, WRCA (Berkeley → Riverside); moving towards sci-fi (online zines). DocNow testing. Develop programmatic approach - embed into library work, workflows and coll policy, getting selectors to nominate web-based content.

  • UCSD: see table
  • UCSC (Lucia): local govn't (goal, expand to sub-regional, state coverage), Grateful Dead, UCSC institutional site, responsive, event-based, too. interested in engaging selectors. need more help.
  • UCB (Julie): IGS collecting local govn't records (depository, so mandate to do this); had been using CONTENTdm's capture tool, but now download discrete pdf's and looking for replacement tool; budget, policy documentation, and climate action docs (civic goal to make these docs available) challenges: discovering docs for selection; bib description, too; opportunity for collaboration, looking forward to this!
  • UCLA (Ednar): international area studies, DH, (see table), grant-funded projects, Archive-It; taking collections-side look at how to develop collections with goal to make selection/curation more systematic
  • UCD (Kevin): Institutional sites, moving towards documenting more faculty activities (intersecting with data management), UCD's strong research areas; supporting teaching/curricula and research. leverage librarians and subject bibliographers to develop collecting, no social media yet. challenges: programmatic - arrangement/description (metadata), integrating discovery (Primo, finding aids), intersect with physical collections
  • UCI (Elvia): (Krystal Tribbett will be joining future calls) institutional sites, OC regional history (inc local politics), SE Asian American experience; plans for critical theory collecting, student orgs (follow hashtags on social media, tracing campus events) challenges: staff education re coll dev/curation
  • CDL: supporting
  • UCSB: tbd
  • UCM: Campus and student projects; in the future archiving support for special projects (e.g., DH)

15-20 minutesReview/revise charter
  • made good progress (including adding social media in scope, adding text about the relationship of web archiving to institutional website maintenance activities and records management policy/scheduling)
  • ACTION: Continue to review the draft charter with target for finalizing by next meeting.
  • ACTION: KS to add campus Archive-It service contacts to the wiki; group to consider relationship of CKG to Archive-It service contacts?
5-10 minutes

Agenda building for future meetings

Not directly discussed, though most of these ideas came up in the kick-off meeting and through sharing campus web archiving "snapshots":

  • Curation/Selection approaches
  • Embedding web archiving into library workflows
  • Collaborative collection development: Cobweb,, others?
  • Strategies for local government selection/capture
  • Discovery/researcher use of web archives
  • Outreach: understanding/supporting use of web archives, advocacy
  • Best practices for web archiving: metadata, crawling, etc.
  • Web archiving capture tools: Archive-It (now including Brozzler),, Doc Now, others?
  • Preservation planning
  • Data mining

ACTION: Please add to or +1 these topics.

Plans for next meeting

ACTION: KS to get regular schedule in place for meeting every month, Thursday 10-11am.

TBD: Format for meeting agendas?

Action items