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  • Connect UC librarians working with web archiving
  • Establish membership, communication channels, meeting times
  • Start identifying shared interests and common concerns as topics for future meetings
  • Affirm and/or update the Web Archiving CKG charter

Discussion items

10-15 minutes

Introductions (+ snapshot of campus web archiving activities)

Jennifer Chan - UCLA, Scholarly Communication, working with Archive-It

Ednar Sugar - UCLA, Digitization Coordinator, working with Archive-It

Pete Broadwell - UCLA, DLP - web archiving in response to faculty projects, needs; working with Rosalie Lack to explore features of web archive collections

Julie LeFevre - UCB, IGS, Digital Services Librarian, harvesting born dig gov docs (had been using CONTENTdm, but sunsetted), using Archive-It

Eric Milenkiewicz - UCR, Digital Initiatives, Web archiving from spec coll to dig initiatives, mostly in content of UA, want to document and develop strategy, collecting focus

Lucia Orlando - UCSC, Gov Docs, work on, local and regional info captures not much recently, but want to get back in that groove

15-20 minutes

Brainstorm on goals for the CKG, future meeting topics

  • Best practices for web archiving: metadata, crawling, etc.
  • Collaborative collection development: Cobweb,, others?
  • Outreach: understanding/supporting use of web archives, advocacy
  • Web archiving capture tools: Archive-It (now including Brozzler),, Doc Now, others?
  • Opportunities...

EM: List looks good.

JL: Collaborative collection development.

LO: Collaboration, also in the context of Archive-It for managing subscriptions, maybe de-duping collections/comparing seedlists? Open to collaborative initiatives.

EM: Topical collaboration could be good. For example, sci-fi physical collections, agriculture collections (at UCR: citrus for inland empire). (LO: notes gov based ag reports are part of UCSC colls) a unified portal could be useful.

KS: Cobweb is a collaborative collection development tool that CDL, UCLA, and Harvard are developing together - it's great to hear about the potential for identifying collecting topics we may have in common or in complement that could serve as the basis for collaboration. ACTION: KS stand up a "snapshot" table on the wiki to document current campus collection strengths and aspirations, as well as tools they use, expertise, staffing (where, who, students?), whether they're doing social media archiving?

LO: This could help with identifying gaps, collection focus that we're missing.

Possible future agenda topic: What could a built out web archiving program look like?

PB: Sharing knowledge/expertise with tools, also social media tools and indexing/data mining. Can tools tell us nature of content as crawling?

EM: Social media archiving at UCR: Bergis Jules UCR University Archivist collecting/curating tweet datasets via DocNow tool. NB: social media archiving is different from traditional web archiving.

JC: UCLA does some social media archiving, international in scope and using Archive-It.

KS, PB to share on Cobweb at a future meeting. JL, LO, KS to share at a future meeting.

10 minutes

Review Web Archiving CKG charter

EM: 2. Key expectations - maybe not call out a specific tool (Archive-It), call out several "including...". If add social media, call out the distinctions between the two (for example:

ACTION: KS to share out the charter as google doc so that folks can comment/edit before the next meeting

10 minutes

Administrivia (membership, communication channels, regular meeting time, etc.)

ACTION: KS to firm up membership roster and set up listserv.

Meet again in 2-3 weeks - tentatively on 7/19. Thursdays at 10am are good for those on the call today, need to confirm with the others who weren't able to make it.

5 minutesNext steps
For the next meeting: 1) Add entry for your campus in the "snapshot" table and 2) Review/comment on/edit the WACKG charter.

Action items