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  • 2018-03-14 Meeting notes
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Discussion topics

  • Email Archiving
  • Box and other file-sharing programs
  • development officer relations
  • documenting of controversial issues
  • Associated students

Discussion items


Campus updates

Kevin (UC Davis): interim head of special collections

  • exhibit using University Archives 150th anniversary (UC sesquicentennial)

  • 2 year position, wine and horticulture

  • Working with library partners

  • Hiring two AUL positions (Scholarly Resources, Teaching and Learning) start in May and July

Kathi (Berkeley)

  • Also working on UC sesquicentennial events

    • Exhibition not futuring UA originals but looking at images of the bear

  • Next week is Charter Day - campus celebration

  • Bancroft has hired a new Head of Public Services (started on March 5th)

Matt (UC Santa Barbara)

  • Bringing in new collections

    • Kalvi Institute for Theoretical Physics 40th anniversary

    • Theater and Dance Department (going back to 1943)

  • Hired a new UL Kristin Antelman (UL at CalTech)

Teresa (UC Santa Cruz)

  • One of the colleges are celebrating its 50th anniversary

Marlayna (UCSD)

  • New University Librarian (Eric Mitchell -- will begin April 16th)

  • Hiring for their new Digital Archivist

Audra (UCI)

  • School of Law - 10th anniversary

    • Chemerinsky Papers (Dean of the Law)

  • Faculty paper collection - interview donor in-take in oral

  • Student org documentation

    • Action: Project STAND

  • Working on creating a website nomination site to archive (inspiration from UCSF site)

Polina (UCSF)

  • Working with Records Managers, participating in "a road show."

  • Big move will happen in the next 5 years

 Email archiving
    • ePADD - UCI call with Josh Schneider

      • Donor Guidelines draft - can bring it back to this group after editing it

    • At UC, email is property of UC Regents

 Dropbox, Google Drive, and other file sharing programs
 When do you take materials (after their use?)
      • Taking a snapshot once a year? Archive each snapshot

      • Appraisal issues

 Development Officer Relations
    • Kathi - establishing good working relationships

    • UCSF - the only campus that does not have a Development Officer

    • Audra: should talk about this in person

 Associated students

Project STAND, a centralized access point for documentation of student activism:

 LAUC records (Librarians Assembly of University of California)
    • Audra: yes. We have some; backlog. Established guidelines for what is appropriate for transfering

    • Matt: Records Retention schedule

Action items

Next meeting: May 16th at 1pm