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, 5-6pm


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Introductions / Updates

  • Laura is leaving for a new position in Colorado.
  • Kevin is the interim head of Special Collections and there are two AUL positions and DAMS Coordinator currently open.
  • Matt is the new University Archivist at UCSB; came from the US Senate.
  • Danelle will be stepping down from the group now that Matt is in place. She will continue to work on collection development, faculty papers and work with various offices. Currently there is no records management on campus; they are uncovering document under the stadium and dealing with related issues.
  • Teresa is the interim head of Special Collections. New Special Collections Exhibits & Outreach librarian starts next week.
  • Kathi reported that they just finished interviews for the head of Technical Services at Bancroft. Head of Public Services will be posted soon. New chancellor is in place. Sesquicenennial exhibit being planned.
  • Heather is focused on campus centennial: Mar/Apr 2019-June 2020; build in a sens of community; looking at cross branding with other groups (like the Philharmonic). The New AUL for Scholarly Communication is Allison Scott; Deputy AUL position will be opening soon.
  • Polina reported the new UL, Chris Schafer begins next week. Sesquicentennial celebrated in March 2017 including an event at Exploratorium.

Agenda Building

  • Next meeting: September 20, 1-2:30pm
  • Minutes: Marlayna Christensen
  • Potential Topics:
    • Retention schedule