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, 1pm-2:30pm

Call-In Instructions

Join the web meeting

Meeting URL:
Audio Only Dial-In:    +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)

+1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
Access Code:            858 534 8605
Password:                 This meeting does not require a password.


Discussion items



  • Roll call
  • Review action items

Jim Dooley, Bergis Jules; Heather Briston; Marlayna Christensen; Teresa Mora; Kevin Miller and Polina Illeva. Not able to join Kathi Neal and Laura Uglean Jackson. Guest - Meredith from USC.

Kevin C. Miller - web archiving - shared a draft document of their program. Checked in with CDL re: UC-wide documenting accounts. There is supposed to be a CJT(?) for web archiving, but it is not currently chaired or active.

Marlayna will contact individuals with any outstanding action Items.

  • RMC report
  • Monthly conference call report - review of retention schedule and accompanying policies. Currently reviewing library records retention policy. MC will send links if you're interested in reviewing documents more closely.
  • Website/wiki changes

Public and private (working) spaces are set up an accessible.

TM - full contact information available on public page - no objections; Minutes currently in two places. Anyone who is a member of the CKG space can get access to our private area. (If we want to limit further we can.) Should they be in a public or private space? What are the requirements for making certain materials available system-wide?

Things not moved: 2006 electronic records management workshop documents - could it be added as a part of the "resources" section in the Working Space; old resources - do we still consider them to be useful information? Consensus to move over; Do we want to move over historical minutes and annual reports? - yes move and keep - consensus.

  • Copyright statements

PI - idea was to look at all of our multiple copyright notices and nice to have some generic language that could be used.

Is there a place for a best practices and examples in the area of copyright notices in and on finding aids. Action item - a HOSC issue - HB will talk with her HOSC about the issue and what might be needed and how best to proceed. HB will share this with the group

 Adjourn 2:10PM

Agenda Building

  • Next meeting: May 17, 1-2:30pm
  • Minutes: Bergis Jules
  • Potential Topics:
    • Chron files
    • Retention schedule