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  • 2014 Charter - Preservation CKG
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Preservation Common Knowledge Group Charter

January 2014


1. Summary and Background

The Preservation CKG is a standing group of experts in the area of preservation. We formally were an advisory group of CDC. There are representatives from each UC Campus as well as the UC Bindery and The CDL.

Our current web documentation is available here:

PAG communicates with and provides support to the UCL Advisory Structure, but it is not a decision making body. The final report to PAG produced in December 2012 and delivered to CDC can be found here, and outlines the anticipated scope of preservation work in the UC Libraries.

2. Scope of work

PAG will continue to provide a forum for discussing preservation activities, including work in the “traditional” areas of preservation (binding, repair and conservation, disaster recovery, environmental monitoring) as well as digitization of analog collections and digital preservation. PAG has also contributed to broader collection management considerations; including shared print and retention decisions, within the scope of how these activities fit in a broader preservation strategy and how material condition and storage environment data affect decisions.

3. Key Responsibilities

PAG’s key responsibilities are to:

  • Respond to queries and requests received from the SAGs
  • Gather and share information about environment, project opportunities, new technologies or practices, and local campus developments within the area of preservation
  • Receive ideas from various UC constituents discuss them and assess potential for new system wide services and/or service improvements
  • Conceive and advance innovative ideas, services, and/or improvements relevant to the
  • University of California Libraries Systemwide Plan and Priorities
  • Any other responsibilities as deemed needed for preservation in the limits of the guidelines

4. Membership and Terms of Appointment

The following is a link to the current, confirmed membership:

Membership changes would be made with campus staffing changes, scope of work changes, etc. The chair usually serves for two years and is drawn from the membership.

5. Communication responsibilities

PAG communication responsibilities are to:

  • Communicate directly with and receive communications from SAG3 (and other SAGs as required)
  • Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports, making them available to the UCL Advisory Structure
  • Send suggestions to develop new ideas, services, or to improve existing operations, services, or practices to SAG3
  • Project Proposals following the template in Appendix 2 of the Guidelines for Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs)

6. Meetings

The CKG meets at least quarterly, with irregular communication via an established email list. PAG has generally met via quarterly conference call, with an in person meeting having been held December 2012 after a three year hiatus. Prior to that PAG had met annually in person.

Submitted by Roger Smith, PAG chair,, December 2013

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