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This has been a year of transition for the Scholarly Communication Officers group. Organizationally, SCO became a common interest group of CDC. A number of campuses have new representatives on the group, including Davis, Los Angeles, and Santa Cruz. Membership overlap with CDC has decreased, so that only 4 members are on both groups.

Despite this restructuring, our charge remains basically unchanged. We remain committed to coordinating systemwide scholarly communication initiatives and outreach efforts within the University of California. In particular, we continue to support strategies, methods, and initiatives to advance the UC Libraries’ scholarly communication agenda.

Goal 1: In collaboration with the Collection Development Committee, develop and pursue strategies that connect the current budget crises with the need to advance new models in scholarly publishing.

  • Collaborated with CDC on UC Journals Sustainability Initiatives white paper, which outlined strategies for addressing journal pricing challenges. Strategies included support for open access, eScholarship and other new publishing models.
  • SCO group was made a special interest group (SIG) under CDC so that the two groups can coordinate efforts more closely.

Goal 2: Continue educational outreach to faculty and librarians.

Goal 3: Support the work of UCOLASC to pursue policies and education initiatives that promote open access and increased dissemination of UC scholarship and research.

  • Met with UCOLASC chair Rich Schneider to understand his goals for this year.
  • Solicited UCOLASC input for OSC website and worked with CDL to modify site in response to UCOLASC input, specifically making requested changes the UC and the Google Books settlement news item.

Goal 4: Support UC initiatives such as eScholarship and Springer Open Choice pilot by providing input to project teams and promoting at local campuses.

  • Provided representatives from our campuses to working groups for Springer Open Choice. Responded to requests for input into documentation and processes.
  • Promoted eScholarship at local campuses; hosted events during launch of new site; provided input regarding potential new services (e.g. undergraduate repository).

Goal 5: Track national, regional, and local developments which affect scholarly communications for UC faculty.

  • Continued to monitor and inventory activities of SCO members at each campus as part of monthly conference calls. Shared campus OA week activities through the wiki.
  • SCO members shared reports from conferences and webinars (e.g. SPARC Directors updates)
  • SCOs shared updates on campus updates such as letters to legislators re FRPAA and NPG activities.
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