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  • 18th March 2020 Schol Comm CKG Meeting Agenda
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+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID:236 485 718

Special session: 1pm - 1:35 Schol Comm CKG; 1:35-2:25 crossover meeting with the Data Curation CKG

Roll Call

  • UC Berkeley – Timothy Vollmer
  • UC Davis – Michael Ladisch
  • UC Irvine – Mitchell Brown 
  • UC Irvine – Shu Liu
  • UC Los Angeles – Jennifer Chan (co-Chair)
  • UC Los Angeles – Marty Brennan 
  • UC Merced – Donald Barclay
  • UC Merced – Jerrold Shiroma 
  • UC Riverside – Brianna Marshall
  • UC San Diego – Mary Linn Bergstrom
  • UC San Diego - Allegra Swift
  • UC San Francisco – Anneliese Taylor
  • UC Santa Barbara – Sherri Barnes
  • UC Santa Barbara – Kyra Folk-Farber
  • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Caldwell
  • CDL – Katie Fortney (co-Chair)
  • CDL – Rachel Lee
  • CDL – Mat Willmott - regrets

Notetaker: UCR

Announcements / Administrivia:


Deep-Dive topics this month 

Rolling out the Publication Management System for the Presidential OA Policy - experiences and plans. What reactions have you encountered? Which groups have been most receptive? What’s your best ‘elevator pitch’ for promoting the publication management system functionality to new user groups? What is the make-up of the communication planning team, if there is one? Do you have content to share and add to the clearing house of communication and education materials that Alainna shared ( this folderand it would be great to have any content that UCI and UCR have created for this pilot.)

  • UC Riverside - This initiative has been put on the back burner due to limited staffing. 
  • UC Davis - Grateful for Alainna's support. Plans to roll out this project after the COVID19 situation resolves.   
  • UC Los Angeles - Will plan for a late summer/early fall timeline. 
  • UC Berkeley - In planning stage. Wants to gather campuswide support to help socialize the policy. 
  • UC San Francisco - Beginning to plan for a fall timeline. Trying to determine who will be involved in the policy rollout. Curious about the response; suspects that it will be greater than the Senate policy.
  • UC Irvine - Mitchell has documentation and will send to the group. Focused on principal investigators (PIs) initially. (ORCID FlyerUC Publication Management System Deposit

Katie speculates that UCPMS notifications will be paused during the COVID19 situation; this will likely be discussed at today's call. 


Katie asked if it would be helpful for OGC to share official guidance on copyright? Some campuses, including UCLA and UCB, are having internal discussions. Campuses continue to offer consultative services. 

Kyra shared a public statement by library copyright experts (including Katie!) on fair use in emergency times. This may be helpful for faculty:

2. Cross-CKG meeting with Data Curation 

Top areas of focus for each group in 2020-2021

Data Curation CKG

  • Summary of recent meeting: 25 attendees in late February. Set a goal to leave with actionable ideas and strategies. Schedule included: lightning talks, a panel discussion, 2 breakout unconference-style sessions focused on outreach and expanding data capacity training. Key themes: outreach, community-building and communities of practice, resource discoverability, sustainability.  
  • Some members will be creating a repository of sharable items (TBD)

Scholcomm CKG

  • UCPMS rollout
  • ORCID outreach

Shared interest in the development of data services and related DH/digital scholarship interests?

  • UC Irvine suggests that Overleaf (online LaTex platform) and other tools to support collaborative workflows may be a shared area of interest. UCI has ~2900 users. 
  • How can we enable our users to access the info they need (they may not see a difference between our services even though we will as functional specialists).
  • As Dryad integrates with additional publishers, the article/data workflow at CDL may become one and the same.
  • Coordination/conversation with campus grant support and the Office of Research as a shared area of interest. 

How might we mutually support common goals?

  • The CKG chairs will meet to discuss next steps. 

Other topics:

Updates from crossover groups

  1. OSC
  2. Data Curation CKG:
  3. STAR Team:  

Round-robin updates

  1. UCB  -  
  2. UCD - 
  3. UCI - I have had two requests for UC Transformative Agreements terms for Cambridge and ACM. UCI Office of Research is reaching out to researchers applying for NIH/NSF grants that require Biosketch using the MyNCBI to maintain XML in the PDF or XML export.  I met with grant coordinators to share LibGuides for ORCID and Biosketch to aid faculty in applying for grants.  The expectation is that other funders will require ORCID use and may use Biosketch to export information.
  4. UCLA -  
  5. UCM -  
  6. UCR - Most scholcomm activities and projects have been paused due to limited staffing, though Brianna will continue to provide consultations as needed. 
  7. UCSB - 
  8. UCSC - 
  9. UCSD - 
  10. UCSF - 
  11. CDL - 

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