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  • Barbara Hui (CDL) (chair)

  • Mitchell Brown (UCI) (notes)

  • Becky Imamoto (UCI)
  • Emilee Mathews (UCI)
  • Mathew McKinley (UCI)
  • Jerrold Shiroma (UCM)
  • Quinn Dombrowski (UCB)
  • Kathryn Stine (CDL)


  • General updates and group discussion on topic of DH at UC Libraries.

Discussion items

45 minsRound Robin and General DiscussionAll
  • Mitchell Brown (UCI) (notes) – Open Access Policy update. Presidential Policy to be announced within weeks, as soon as September 21. The new policy will include clinical research staff
  • Becky Imamoto (UCI) – no update Irvine
  • Emilee Mathews (UCI) – NEH grant to digitize artist books in SCA, metadata for linked data for about six months. Adding material into Nuxeo, metadata into Nuxeo and metadata standard for visual arts standards. Will send goal statement and project stamen to list.
  • Jerrold Shiroma (UCM) – no update. Projects in November – talk and workshops. Miriam Pozner from UCLA will speak.
  • Mathew McKinley (UCI) - New Electronic Research Development Services group. Project on enhancing metadata to artist books.
  • Kathryn Stine (CDL) – metadata product manager for projects working with HathiTrust. Network diagramming demonstrations. UC Libraries Metadata Sharing policy, for openly accessible and reusable.
  • Quinn Dombrowski (UCB) – Digital Humanities working on a Drupal interface for historians. Remodeling information on Egyptian coffins. Upcoming course and exhibit on electronic literature. Two year DH postdoc positions available. Deadline in January 2016.
  • Barbara Hui (CDL) – Group released new Calisphere in beta mode. Working to bring to production mode. Discussion on linked open data with visiting researcher from Rome, looking at Calisphere and the possibility to share metadata from Nuxeo.


Q: Emilee question for Katherine Stein about the metadata project at Berkeley. Elizabeth Honig is the PI at Berkeley for the project to make online resume for documenting works of Jan Brueghel. Work to develop Drupal template for other researchers. With relationships for objects to link works, commentary, time. Will send links.

Jan Brueghel Wiki

Jan Brueghel Wiki – About Us


Permission for DH Clearinghouse Site approved. Will use WordPress as platform rather than a proprietary platform.

Volunteers for preparing the technical setup:

Barbara Hui (CDL)

Jerrold Shiroma (UCM)

For Content:

Barbara Hui (CDL)

Jerrold Shiroma (UCM)

Heather Smedberg (UCSD) – not on the call but had earlier expressed an interest

Casondra Sobieralski (UCB)


What are we interested in at the campus level?

Mitchell: Description of Scalar as an editing platform for writing projects. The software allows authors to create non-linear projects with combine text, video, image and sound. Is the role of librarians to be proficient in software tools to encourage faculty and students to work with the tools? Or, do we support the interests of faculty and students as they choose their projects and the choice of the software.

More about Scalar:

Showcase of projects:

Quin: Drupal at Berkeley. Electronic Literature Making Group. Discussing with students and faculty about the scope and interest in projects, offering direction on choices for software.

Emilee: Support for faculty interests in projects. But infrastructure is not in place for supporting faculty. Mathew McKinley works in a department that provide support. But for now the interaction is still at discussion level.

Emilee: The NEH grant provided a prompt to get individuals on campus and libraries involved. Working with Adrian and Brian on Nuxeo. The timelines for the grant goals do not always line with CDL workflow timelines. But CDL staff are helpful.

Mathew: Working with CDL has always be invaluable for handling the odd questions or requests Irvine sends for consideration. CDL is great at helping support the interests of campuses to create their projects.

Barbara: CDL is interested in supporting campus work and how to work with the Calisphere, Nuxeo, and HathiTrust.

Katherine: HathiTrust interested in people working with more of the large scale data and collections. An opportunity to work with groups to take advantage of the HathiTrust resources

Adjourned 11:46 a.m.  


Action items

  •  Create 'DH @ UC Libraries' site and begin building. Barbara Hui will contact volunteers.