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  • Barbara Hui

  • Casondra Sobieralski

  • Cristela Garcia-Spitz
  • Heather Smedberg
  • Jerrold Shiroma
  • Lena Zentall
  • Quinn Dombrowski
  • Rob Melton
  • Zoe Borovsky


  • Our DH @ UC Libraries site proposal has been approved! Let's talk about how/who to proceed.

Discussion items

5 minRound RobinAll
20 minDH @ UC Libraries site setup planning 

Barbara - no volunteers to host the site, so we need to choose a 3rd party host. CDL will cover the costs of hosting


  • Technical installation and setup: Barbara Hui, Jerrold Shiroma
  • Initial layout and setup-of site: Heather Smedberg, Emily Lin, Jerrold Shiroma, Barbara Hui, Casondra (beginning late Sept)


Action items

  • Get a WP (or other) site set up and start building