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Barbara Hui, CDL (chair)

Emilee Mathews, UCI (notes)

Quinn Dombrowski, UCB

Jerrold Shiroma, UCM

Heather Smedberg, UCSD



Emilee – still working on NEH project to enhance artists’ books with linked data. Working with CDL to ingest metadata and assets; gathering URI’s for eventual linked data deployment, working on hiring a programmer to work with the RDF and create a visualization. Hopefully will be able to hire someone, as the money we have is for 3 months fulltime or 6 months part time.

Quinn – next Friday two workshops, 1:30 about modeling 3-d objects and spaces, 3pm Elaine Sullivan from UCSC will talk about Digital Karnak. Quinn sent info out to the DH-CKG listserve.

Heather – no updates

Jerrold – no updates

Barbara – CDL has launched Calisphere, now working on what’s next. Working with UCI on their project. Have a taskforce on assessing and recommending a new harvesting infrastructure, as the one they have (from DPLA) is outdated and no longer supported. Machines have moved to AWS environment. CDL wants to know what they can do for systemwide services that can assist with DH. Their suite of tools and services have implications for DH, but are not necessarily targeted toward that audience.


CKG action items update:

Got the hosted Wordpress site installed. Jerrold has been working on it. Backend housecleaning: He will do some more plugins and install files to make sure it is optimally secure and clean.

Next step, get content on there. What should we put on the site?

Suggestions: send out survey to everyone, with a URL for your library that has DH resources to create a directory. RSS feed for local events.

Workflow; nail down content, then pick most suitable theme for that content. Then go to group and generate the content.

Suggestion: move this into a google doc so that those are not on the website team can see and comment?


UCLAS New Structure:

Barbara brought up that the new UCLAS structure makes it so that CKGs no longer have a direct reporting line to a SAG. This will hopefully enhance our freedom to pursue goals without waiting for approval.

Question: is there any change to our funding? so far as we know, we’ve never had funding available to the group. For example, CDL is hosting the wordpress site.


Goals for the CKG:

Barbara mentioned that the CKG’s main purpose for its members was to be a place to share information. What goals can we feasibly accomplish for our group by the end of the academic year?

goal 1: get the website up and running, ensure content is fresh and relevant.

goal 2: send out proposal that was written a couple years ago to evaluate CDL services from the DH perspective. CDL, Quinn, and Mirim Posner were initially part of this effort. Proposal went to CoUL, who recommended that more campuses be part of the proposal. Possible role for the DH CKG.


Action items:

Barbara will send out proposal

Website content team will formulate plan for what content we want on the site and how to gather from the various campuses.

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