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  • Ann Frenkel, UCR

  • Barbara Hui, CDL (chair)
  • Becky Imamoto, UCI
  • Carl Stahmer, UCD
  • Casondra Sobieralski, UCB
  • Catherine Busselen, UCSB
  • Christina Woo, UCI
  • Cristela Garcia-Spitz, UCSD
  • Emilee Mathews, UCI
  • Jerrold Shiroma, UCM
  • Jess Waggoner, UCSC
  • Mary Elings, UCB
  • Matthew McKinley, UCI
  • Matthew Roberts, UCI
  • Miriam Posner, UCLA
  • Mitchell Brown, UCI
  • Quinn Dombrowski, UCB
  • Rachel Deblinger, UCSC
  • Rob Melton, UCSD
  • Sarah Lozier, UCR
  • Shu Liu, UCI
  • Stephanie Simms, UCLA
  • Susan Powell, UCB
  • Zoe Borovsky, UCLA


  • Welcome!
  • Brainstorm and discuss hopes/expectations/goals/direction for the group
  • Determine next steps

Discussion items

 3:00 - 3:10WelcomeBarbara Hui
  • group representation from all UC campuses (except UCSF) and CDL
  • 28 people currently on our roster
  • exciting to have this much interest - library is clearly at critical moment with regards to DH
  • also exciting that there are a number of people in this group who are not in the library
  • opportunity to now share information and do collaborative work across the UC system on this topic
3:10 - 3:20Goals brainstormingEverybody

We collectively edited a DH CKG Brainstorming doc to share our ideas and goals for the group. (Barbara has since changed the doc to read only. If you're a member and you'd like to edit it, please email her to request access).

3:20 - 3:45Discussion of goals brainstormingEverybodyCreation of UC Digital Humanities informational/clearinghouse resource
  • Barbara (CDL): in skimming our doc, big theme is desire to hear about what's going on on other campuses, systemwide. Perhaps we can create a shared doc that we can then eventually make into something more official as a systemwide clearinghouse
  • Mitchell (UCI): likes idea. Currently have links to examples/demos/internal working examples. Would be nice to put them up for people to look at them.
  • Carl Stahmer (UCD): UCD has a place for posting DH things. Carl's job is to provide a envelope for all of the DH things happening at UCD.
  • Quinn (UCB): this also exists at UCB
  • Miriam (UCLA): we also have this at UCLA
  • Barbara: I'll create a doc for people to add to. Any good place to house/host a systemwide DH thing?
  • Ann Frenkel (UCR): I'm on UC Library Coordinating Committee for the UC Libraries. We would like to provide a systemwide space for CKGs to work in. Not an immediate solution, but hopeful that such a place (accessible, user-friendly) will be created. 
  • Barbara: yes, would be nice to have a wiki for this CKG that more people can edit (currently only 2 editors allowed)
  • Carl: this is a meta-problem: we need to solve business problems that make collaboration difficult for the very people we're trying to serve (DHers)
  • Emilee (UCI): suggests creating a google doc with set of questions for structuring it to create a profile for each campus, e.g. "Do you have a DH center on campus?" "Do you have a dedicated digital scholarship person? Group?".
  • Barbara: does anybody have any info about existing systemwide activity/projects/communication channels with regards to DH?
  • Carl: no, although we are involved in Mellon funded project involving UCR, UCSB and UCD
  • Barbara: at CDL we are involved in building systemwide tools/services and would really like to collaborate with campuses on digital projects

Creation of recommendations to CDL re humanities use of CDL tools/services

  • Emilee: seems like it might be good for this group to communicate with the UCLDC team in terms of how the service can facilitate/be used for systemwide (DH) collaboration, e.g. how UCI and UCD's content co-exists and how to make use of this.
  • Emilee: CDL's tools all seem quite science driven (data sharing tools, eScholarship). We could put together recommendations on how CDL could create a layer to make tools/services more interesting/applicable-looking for the humanities.
  • Barbara: as it turns out, I'm on the UCLDC implementation team and we'd be open to this kind of input.
  • Shu (UCI): DMPTool does have tools for humanities data management plans
  • Emilee: interested in doing UX study with humanities users of CDL tools, to specifically find out what experience is like for humanities folks
  • Shu: agrees that assessing tools provided by CDL is a good suggestion

Service gaps/needs with regards to doing DH work on our campuses

  • Barbara: Catherine Busselen (UCSB) noted interest in hearing about the gaps that exist in getting DH projects off ground across the system
  • Catherine (UCSB): no DH program to speak of here. Huge gaps here, but people are definitely doing DH already. Library wants to provide help but not take over where other people are already involved. Want to work with digital humanists to provide help with things they are not already able to do on their own.
  • Carl: issue at UCD is need for local funding. So far those DH projects that get off ground so far are those with outside finding. If we don't provide local funding, Mellon and NEH become only filters of what gets done in DH.
  • Zoe (UCLA): yes, we need pre-NEH startup grant startup grants
  • Rachel (UCSC): at UCSC we are working through need for developers who can work in a variety of languages; also hosting challenges. 
  • Miriam (UCLA): agree that it would be great to pool technical resources when at all possible. Also need for UC-wide infrastructure for DH work, in particular getting server space is near impossible. Any kind of shared storage for publishing options - something more sophisticated than a PDF - would be welcome.
  • Emilee: have spoken with Miriam previously about the fact libraries are hard to work with because they tend to be very enterprise level in terms of resources they offer. Need to act more nimbly with/within the library.
  • Miram: I love the library! But yes, there will always be a tension between sustainability and scalability vs agility.
  • Rachel: yes, that issue is particularly difficult at the beginning for faculty/grads who have never done digital work before and are at the experimental stage
  • Zoe (UCLA): would like to collectively identify UC-wide pots of startup funding. Maybe UCHRI or anything like that; any funding resources, especially for graduate students.
  • Mitchell (UCI): some NEH grants exist to fund longer term projects, infrastructure, demo grants that could potentially be extended. We can share the link to this.

DH CKG logistics

  • Barbara: conference calls are awkward; would be great to have a face-to-face meeting at some point.
  • Ann: there isn't any funding for this, but I will try to find out if we can make that happen!
  • Ann (UCR): hopes that the mailing list will be one that we can make use of. Yes, general agreement: let's share news, solicit feedback, etc.
  • Barbara: I'm open to any suggestions on how to better structure this call to make it more useful. Also, please do feel free to speak up on email. Thanks everybody for a great first meeting!
3:45 - 4:00Next stepsEverybodySee Action Items below.

Action items

  • Create a DH at UC document to share what is happening on our respective campuses. Goal is to eventually post this on a systemwide DH site that will serve as a clearinghouse for DH at UC. Shu and Barbara will take the lead.
  • Form a (sub?)-group to provide recommendations to CDL regarding various projects (UCLDC, eScholarship, DMP Tool, etc) vis-à-vis DH uses. Emilee will take the lead.
  • Ann Frenkel will start looking into potential funding sources for arranging an in-person meeting for our group.