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Steering Committee

  • Diane Bisom (UCR)
  • Todd Grappone (UCLA)
  • Emily Lin (UCM)
  • Eric Milenkiewicz (UCR)
  • Colby Riggs (UCI)
  • Brian Tingle (CDL); Chair

Program Committee

  • Carla Arbagey (UCR)
  • Zoe Borovsky (UCLA)
  • Raymond Camero (UCI)
  • Vessela Ensberg (UCD)
  • Lynne Grigsby (UCB)
  • Rachael Hu (CDL)
  • Ann Hubble (UCSC)
  • Rosalie Lack (UCLA)
  • Charles Macquarie (UCSF)
  • Shira Peltzman (UCLA)
  • Scott Peterson (UCB)
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer (UCSB)
  • Jerrold Shiroma (UCM)
  • Roger Smith (UCSD)
  • Kelly Spring (UCI)
  • Brian Tingle (CDL); Chair

Local Arrangements Committee

  • Carla Arbagey (UCR)
  • Diane Bisom (UCR)
  • Noah Geraci (UCR)
  • Brianna Marshall (UCR)
  • Eric Milenkiewicz (UCR); Chair
  • Melanie Ramiro (UCR)
  • Patricia Smith-Hunt (UCR)
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