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First Meeting July 24, 2017 (Google Doc)


2pm - 3pm 


  • Brian Tingle

  • Ann Hubble (p)

  • Julia Gelfand (s)(p?)
  • Carla Arbagey (l)
  • Lynne Grigsby (p)
  • Rachael Hu (p)
  • Diane Bisom
  • Kelly Spring (p)
  • Raymond Camero (p)
  • Vessela Ensberg (p)
  • Scott Peterson (p?)


  • approve calendar and timeline
  • determine future meeting times and leadership
  • discuss / pick theme(s) for UC-DLF
  • discuss / pick session formats UC-DLF

Discussion items

5 minintros?

6 min


  • Wiki set up / editing
  • California Data Librarian Meeting co-location with UC-DLF exploration
  • DLF partnership
  • Sponsorship sub-committee, call for interesting in participation re: sponsorship


If you want to be able to edit the wiki, please log into confluence to get listed in the confluence directory, and then let Brian know

Ann Hubble was on the call from the Data Curation CKG, which organized the California Data Librarian Meeting.

Julia Gelfand agreed to work with Todd on sponsorship

5 minschedule for the event, as developed by LACEric

general schedule agreed to

still a question re: the exact days (Tue-Wed vs Wed- Thurs)

5 min

calendar project management deadlines

  • given the calendar, decide timing for these program meetings:
    proposal: meet Mondays 2-3 every week until the program is complete?

general timeline agreed to

will meet every week, not every other week

30 min

pick theme(s) for the meeting

session formats

keynote speaker

for notes; see Themes 2018
5 minfind volunteers to draft a call for proposals / would anybody like to volunteer to take the lead on the program development and these meetings?

Kelly Spring agreed to help Brian with organizing program.

will work on draft call for proposals next week

issue of non-UC participation needs to be address; non-UC participation in Data Librarian meeting was very beneficial

Action items