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This session was held on 7/12/2012 as part of the Library Tech Boot Camp, a series of courses for library staff.  It offers a tour of some of the new features in Confluence 4 and introduces time-saving tips for everyday wiki use.  For complete documentation of new features, see the release notes for Confluence 4.0 and Confluence 4.1.



  1. Favorite Spaces and Pages now at top of spaces list
    • Set up favorite spaces and pages for easy access
  2. Not all global spaces shown – you have to click 'View All', then filter
    • If looking for a certain space, might be easier to type name into search box
  3. You can also create a network of other users
    • Mouse over user name and click Follow



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New Editor

  1. No more separate wiki markup mode
    • Enter markup into editor to be converted on-the-fly (Autoformatting), or go to Insert > Wiki Markup to enter a block of markup
    • Once markup is converted to rich text, there's no way to go back to markup or view underlying markup
    • Some macros (table-plus is a good example) remain unconverted inside a 'Wiki Markup' block macro
  2. Some features have moved/changed
    • Macro Browser button is now Insert > Other Macros
    • Preview button now at bottom right, along with Save and Cancel
    • Table features (add row, remove row, etc.) now in a context-sensitive toolbar that appears when you're editing a table
    • No more right-click context menu (its features have been integrated into editing toolbar)
  3. Some new features
    • A Find/Replace button (binoculars) at top right
    • A Help button (question mark) at top right
    • Left/center/right align text
    • Table: Merge/split table cells, highlight multiple rows/columns, cut/paste/copy table rows


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  • Links: [ 
  • Macros: {
  • Images: ! 
  • Users: @




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Your Profile/Settings Menu

  • Disable Autocomplete or Autoformatting: Settings > Editor
  • Disable Autowatch: Settings > Email
  • Update profile picture: Profile > Picture
  • List all your favorite spaces & pages: Favorites
  • List all pages & spaces you're 'watching': Watches
  • List all drafts: Drafts



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  1. Insert new macro
    • Use Autocomplete or go to Insert menu and select macro name or Other Macros
  2. Edit existing macro
    • Click on the macro placeholder and click Edit button
  3. Some new macros:
    • Expand
    • Status
    • Profile Picture
    • Space Attachments



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Images & Multimedia

  • Link from image
  • Set custom image size
  • Add effects to image
  • Autoconvert pasted URLs of multimedia content like YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



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  • Compare page versions now in rich text
  • Use any character in page titles
  • Page editing and email notifications now compatible with mobile devices



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