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Wiki@UCSF General Use Policies

  • All wiki spaces must be directly related to furthering the mission of UCSF. Spaces may not be used for commercial purposes, unlawful activities, or personal financial gain. Please refer to the UC Electronic Communications Policy.
  • Each space must have a Space Administrator who is UCSF faculty, staff, or student.
  • To log in, UCSF users must enter their MyAccess account credentials. Users at other UC campuses may log in with their own campus credentials. Other users may request a UCSF Guest MyAccess account.
  • We do not allow anonymous contributions to the wiki. Users who want to create or edit content must be logged in.
  • No content containing Protected Health Information (PHI) may be posted.
  • No content containing copyrighted material may be posted unless there is proof that permission has been granted for use of the materials.
  • Published articles must be linked to from within the wiki space; articles may not be copied into the wiki.

Privacy Policy

Wiki@UCSF is a web service of the UCSF Library and adheres to its Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this policy, please email the wiki administrators.

Copyright and Ownership

As per the UC Policy on Ownership of Course Materials (2003), instructors at UCSF own the copyright to their course material. However, please be aware that if you use copyright protected audio, images, multimedia, video, or documents in the wiki, what may be acceptable under "fair use" guidelines for classroom instruction may not be acceptable for digitally distributed content.

If in doubt, get permission from the copyright holder.

Please note: The uploading of copyrighted textual works, such as journal articles from copyrighted sources, is not permitted in the Wiki@UCSF system. These will be removed.

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The UCSF Library does not generally monitor, edit, or censor any material uploaded to the Wiki@UCSF system. However, the UCSF Library reserves the right to do so, and to remove materials for any reason, such as content that clearly violates copyright, or violates applicable UCSF Library, UCSF and UC computing policies and guidelines.

Other References:

Policy on Use of Recordings of Course Presentations

The University governs the use of any recording made of campus presentations, including prohibitions on distribution. Please see the UC Policy on Use of Recordings of Course Presentations (2005).


Wiki@UCSF and all its content are protected by intellectual property or proprietary rights. You may use Wiki@UCSF and content for your personal, educational, noncommercial purposes only. The UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management makes Wiki@UCSF available as a source of information about UCSF and as a virtual classroom for online learning. Wiki@UCSF is provided AS IS, and nothing on Wiki@UCSF is intended to be a representation, offer, inducement, promise, or contract of any kind. Also, although Wiki@UCSF may contain links to other websites, the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management is not responsible for the availability, content, products, privacy or other policies and practices of any websites to which it may link or from which it may be accessible by link.

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