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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Wiki@UCSF.  Click on a question to view the answer.

 Is wiki content visible to the public?

The wiki is organized into spaces. There are three types of spaces:

  • Public: Visible to anyone, no login required
  • Login Required: Visible only to users who log in
  • Private: Visible only to users who log in and have been given specific permission to access the space

Most spaces are private. If you don't know who can access a particular space, please contact the Space Administrator or contact the Wiki Administrators.

 What is a Space Administrator?

The person who requests a new wiki space is designated as the Space Administrator for the space. This person controls the access permissions for the space, and can modify the overall look and feel of the space. Space Administrators must be UCSF faculty, staff, or students.  See the Space Administration section for more information.  To find out who is the Space Administrator for a given space, please contact the Wiki Administrators.

 How does a user log in to the wiki?

There's a 'Log In' link at the top right of every screen. If you see your profile picture/icon instead, you're already logged in. All UCSF employees and students can log in with a account. Users at other University of California campuses (shown in the drop-down menu on the login page) can log in with their own campus account. Guest MyAccess accounts are available for a fee.  For more information see User Accounts.

 Do I have to be on the campus network or connected via VPN?

No. You can access the wiki from any computer with an Internet connection.  Users who find themselves blocked by an organizational firewall may want to try connecting via VPN.  If you are still unable to connect to the wiki, please contact the Wiki Administrators.

 Why can't I find the wiki space or page I'm looking for?

First, make sure you're logged in. Instead of a 'Log In' link at the top right of the wiki screen, you'll see your profile picture/icon. Then click the Spaces button at the top left of every screen and click 'Space directory' to see a directory of spaces, or start typing the name of the space or page you're looking for into the Search box at the top right.  If you're logged in and you still can't find a space, you probably don't have permission to access the space. Please contact the Space Administrator or contact the Wiki Administrators to request access to the space.

 How do I create a new wiki space?

UCSF faculty, staff, and students may request a Wiki@UCSF space by completing the wiki space request form. Please read the Terms and Conditions before requesting a new wiki space.  Once your request is approved, the new space will appear in the Space directory (click Spaces link at top left of screen).

 Can I create a personal wiki space?

Yes.  All users may create their own personal space by going to the menu under their profile picture/icon (top right of screen) and selecting 'Add Personal Space' from the drop-down menu.  You can make it visible to all users or to a select few.  The difference between a Personal Space and a Global Space is that the Personal Space does not appear in the Global Spaces list.  Instead, it is accessed by clicking on your name where it appears on a page, in the People Directory, or in search results.  For more information, see Create your personal space.

 Why can't I edit in wiki markup mode?

Confluence no longer includes a wiki markup editor.  If you would like the ability to see and edit the underlying source code of a page (an XHTML-based format rather than wiki markup), please contact the Wiki Administrators.

 Why can't I delete a page or attachment?

You may not have permission to delete wiki content in that particular space.  It depends on the permissions set up by the Space Administrator.  If you do have permission, you'll see a Delete option at the bottom of the Extras drop-down menu (...) for the page.  For attachments, there's a Delete link to the far right of the attachment name.  If you don't see a Delete option, contact your Space Administrator or contact the Wiki Administrators to delete the content for you.

 Can I recover a deleted page or attachment?

If you're a Space Administrator, you can go to Space Tools > Content Tools and click the Trash tab. From there, click the Restore link to the right of the page/attachment link. If you're not a Space Administrator, contact your Space Administrator or contact the Wiki Administrators to delete the content for you.

 Will my wiki space be available indefinitely?

The wiki is a free service provided by the library but it is intended to be used for active collaboration.  If your space has not been updated for over a year, we will notify you that we plan to remove the space and offer you options for archiving it in PDF or HTML format.

 What resources are available to help people learn to use the wiki?

The Wiki Help space you're in right now has lots of information.  The Wiki Basics page has materials that were used in wiki training classes as well as some webinar and demonstration videos.  The Space Administration page has instructions for Space Administrators.  The Confluence Documentation site has complete documentation of every feature of the wiki, which runs on Confluence software. We no longer offer regular monthly wiki classes, but we do offer web-based consultations with a Wiki Administrator.  Please contact the Wiki Administrators for more information.

If you have a question that is not answered above or would like more information about any of these topics, please contact the Wiki Administrators.

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