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1. Go into your space, click the Space Tools button at the bottom of the left sidebar, and select Permissions

2. Click the Edit Permissions button

3. In the Individual Users entry field, start typing the user's name and select it from the drop-down menu that appears*, then click the Add button.

* If the user's name does not come up, contact the Wiki Administrators to create the user's wiki account

4. Check/uncheck desired permissions for user*

* To remove a user, click the Deselect All link

5. Click the Save All button


  • If the user's name doesn't come up in the search results, he/she doesn't have a wiki account yet. Please contact the Wiki Administrators to create the account.

  • If you know a user's MyAccess ID, you can enter it directly in this format: (instead of sfNNNNNN)
  • For detailed information on permission types, see Permission Types


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