We are currently doing a bit of housekeeping in the wiki.  We'd like to remind users that Wiki@UCSF is a free service provided by the library but it is intended for active collaboration only.  If your space has not been updated in over a year, we plan to remove it from the wiki on August 4.  Over the next couple days we'll be sending emails to all Space Administrators whose spaces haven't been updated in the past year notifying them of the plans for deletion.  If you intend to continue using your space for active collaboration, let us know.

You can create an archive of your space content in PDF or HTML format by following the instructions below:

Important Note on Archiving Attachments

If you want to include attached files in your archive, use the HTML export.  The PDF and HTML exports both indicate that they include attachments, but this is misleading. The PDF export includes only a link to the attachment residing on the server, but once a space is removed its attachments are gone and the link will be broken.  The HTML export creates a copy of the attached file in its native format and puts it in the HTML archive, so it will be accessible in the future.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Wiki Administrators.

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