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To make it easy for users to see which files are attached to a page, you can use a macro to display the attachment list.  You can use the regular Attachments macro, which displays complete file information, or the Simple Attachments List macro, which displays a bulleted list of filenames only.


(Click pictures to enlarge them)

1. On the page where you want to display the attachment list, click the Edit button
2. Go to the Insert menu and select Other Macros
3. Type 'attachments' in the search box and then click the Attachments macro
4. Change any desired parameters and then click the Insert button
5. The macro placeholder will appear in your page. Click the Save button to save the page.
6. The list of attached files now appears on your page
7. If you'd rather have a simple bulleted list of attachments, use the 'Display simple attachments list' macro instead
8. The simple attachments list looks like this

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