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It is now easy to access your UCSF shared drive ("Y drive") through the DPH Tap-N-Go Virtual Desktop (VDI)

  1. Log into your VDI (Tap-N-Go) session

  2. Double click on the new "UCSF Y Drive" icon

  3. Follow the instructions and enter your UCSF domain, login, and password (what you use for your UCSF email):

  4. A new window will open with the UCSF shared volumes.  Open the volume that has your folders (you can open them sequentially Vol01, Vol02, Vol03 etc if you don't already know) and find your folder.

    Important reminder - Save these UCSF files back to your shared UCSF drive if you want them to continue to be accessible to a group.  

    If you save them instead to your P drive (DPH drive), others won't be able to find them.

  5. Optional TIP: Create a shortcut to your folder for the future by locating your folder, then right clicking, choosing "Send To" and then "Desktop (create shortcut).  
  6. Drag the shortcut from the Desktop to your Documents folder to open it there in the future.  This will open your actual UCSF folder next time.  You will need to enter your UCSF credentials (Use another account, then enter domain\username (such as SOM\LastnameF) and password.
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