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To use you must:

  1. Already have access to DPH VDI.

  2. Must be enrolled in DPH DUO.   For instructions on enrolling in DPH DUO, please click on the following link:  DPH DUO Enrollment Steps.

  3. Must not be on the DPH internal network (e.g., UCSF-Clinical, DPHUser wireless networks or a wired DPH network, etc.).

  4. Have a compatible web browser installed on your computer. has been verified to work on the following web browsers:

    Chrome 55.0.2 or higher
    Internet Explorer 11.0.96 or higher
    Firefox 52.8.0 or lower (if you are having issues using Firefox, please use Chrome browser)
    Safari 10.0 or higher

  5. Log off properly when done using the VDI session to avoid onsite printing issues when you return to the campus (see Step 7 below).


  1. does not support printing for security reasons.
  2. Copying and pasting content from VDI to your local computer screen has been disabled for security reasons.

Procedure for Using

  1. Enter in the address bar of your web browser.

  2. Enter your DPH AD Account credentials (Usually FIRSTNAME LASTNAME).

  3. The website will then ask you which method you would like to use for second factor authentication. Select either Send Me a Push, Call Me, or Enter a Passcode.
    NOTE: If you have configured your DUO account to automatically send a push notification, you will not need to select an option for this particular step.

  4. Open the DUO App on your device and Approve the login request.

  5. Once you have approved the login request, the website will load your Applications and Links screen.  Click DPHVDIProd.

    NOTE:  Your web browser may notify you that a popup was blocked on the site.  You will need to allow pop-ups for  For detailed instructions on how to enable pop-ups, please see your web browser’s documentation (Links are available in the Troubleshooting section of this document).

  6. When prompted for a connection method, select HTML5 Client.  The website will then load your DPH VDI Desktop.

  7. When done, make sure to logoff by clicking on Start, then Log off to properly end your session.  Doing this will avoid printing issues when onsite and free up the VDI desktops for other users.

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  1. When connecting to DPHVDIProd I receive the error:  “This desktop is currently not available.  Please try connecting to this desktop again later, or contact your system administrator.”

    ResolutionThis error occurs intermittently so please try to reconnect again.  If the issue persists please contact the appropriate service desk.

    For UCSF users, call the UCSF Service Desk at 628-206-5126.
    For DPH users, call the DPH Service Desk at 628-206-SERV (7378).

  2. After login when clicking SFGHVDIProd in Step 5, the website fails to load.

    Please check your web browser settings to make sure that pop-ups are allowed for (See the NOTE in Step 5 above for an example).  The links below show how to enable pop-ups for your particular web browser.

  3. When logging into, I receive the error "Your account does not have access to this application.  Contact an administrator for assistance."

    If after entering your credentials you are not able to login, your DPH Active Directory account might not be a member of the DPH AD group (IN\DUO UCSF MyDesktop Remote Access Group).   If you are a UCSF clinical provider (faculty, NP, resident, fellow) who needs remote access to the site, please click this link to Request Remote Access to the DPH MyDesktop site.

  4. When Logging into, I do not have the correct DPHVDIProd icon, or receive the error "Logon to VMWare View server failed."

    Resolution: This error can be due to a timeout issue between the web browser and the VDI login session that occurs from time to time.  Please click on Try again and re-enter your DPH AD credentials and enter IN for the domain.

    If after entering your credentials you are still not able to login, your DPH Active Directory account might not be a member of the DPH AD group (IN\UCSF View Clinical Users) that gives access to DPH VDI (Tap-n-Go) while onsite.  If you are a UCSF clinical provider (faculty, NP, resident, fellow) who needs access to clinical applications at ZSFG, please contact the UCSF Service Desk at 628-206-5126.
    UCSF users accessing site will need to already have access to DPH VDI (Tap-n-Go) when onsite at ZSFG.

  5. After I have signed in and clicked on SFGHVDIProd, the website fails to load with the following error message: "The webpage cannot be displayed."

    Resolution: Please
    take note of the URL in the address bar. If it starts with "vmware-view" then return to Step 6 above and select HTML5 Client.
    DO NOT SELECT "VMWare View Client."  It will not work even while on-site at ZSFG.

  6. When attempting to reach the website, it fails to load and I get a timeout error.


  • Please confirm that your computer has an Internet connection by going to another website.
  • If you are on-site at ZSFG, please be sure your computer is not connected to the UCSF-Clinical or DPHUser wireless networks or a wired DPH network.  This F5/Remote Access site is intended for REMOTE (off-site) access.  While at ZSFG, you should be using the VMWare Horizon client installed on your computer, not this remote HTML5 Client solution.
  • Lastly, check if the site works with a different web browser or on another computer.  The site could be down.

Technical Support:

For technical assistance, please call the UCSF Service Desk at 628-206-5126 and ask the analyst to assign ticket to ITFS_SFGH team.

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