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Hydra is a database managed by the ZSFG Dean’s Office which captures UCSF at ZSFG employee and trainee data elements, via selected upstream UCSF and DPH database feeds. The Hydra website is for department managers or their designees to review and edit the ZSFG- specific data fields that exist in Hydra. 

By default, the Hydra website will show active records in Hydra, to include the inactive status records uncheck the "Only Show Active Status" box.

To request access to the Hydra website, please have your department/division manager follow the instructions list here.

There are three main modes to the Hydra website:
View used to review all the records in Hydra.
Edit (Update) used to edit records for active users associated with your department in Hydra.
Offboarding used to off-board active users from Hydra.


  1. Login to the Hydra Website using your UCSF Active Directory (email) account. Note: The Hydra Website is best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.
    1. You must be on the UCSF network or connected via the UCSF VPN client to access the Hydra website.
      1. You can verify you are on the UCSF network by clicking on this link.
    2. Some browsers might automatically log you on based on your current windows login.
    3. Once logged in, you should see your UCSF Active Directory login account listed in the top right-hand corner.
    4. To log out of the Hydra Website, please close all open tabs on your browser.
  2. Searching – When utilizing the search function, the following fields will be queried:
    1. UCSF Employee ID number
    2. Last Name
    3. First Name
    4. POI ID number
    5. Email address
    6. ZSFG Department
  3. Sorting – You can sort by any field, before and after searching, by clicking on the column name. Once sorted, the column will be highlighted in dark blue.
  4. Pages for multiple records – Each screen will return a maximum of 25 rows for results. You can utilize the page number buttons at the bottom of the results to see the next set of results.

View Mode

  1. Once logged in, the default screen is the view-only mode. This will display ZSFG data for all active users, including those not in your department. 
    1. You can display inactive users by unchecking the "Only Show Active Status" box.

Edit Mode

  1. If you have edit permissions, the “Go to Edit mode” button will be visible.
    1. Once you click on the Edit mode button, you will only be able to see the active users associated with your department(s).
    2. Displayed are the “ZSFG” fields that exist in Hydra and were previously updated manually from the data department managers provided.
  2. From the list displayed, click on the edit button on the far-left hand side of the individual record in order to enter edit mode for that user’s data.
    1. The data fields that can be updated will have a square box around them.
    2. Data that is missing or incorrect will have “Please Update” shown.
    3. To move someone from your department to another department, select the new department from the ZSFG Department drop-down list.
      1. Note: The person who submitted the Hydra department move change and both the old department and new department managers associated with the user will receive a confirmation email from Hydra.
    4. Once the change has been made, click on Update (on the far left of the record) to push the update to Hydra.
      1. Note: Changes to “Separate Date” must be 7 days into the future.  If you need to separate someone sooner, please utilize the Offboarding button.

Offboarding Mode

  1. If you have “edit” permissions, the “Go to Offboarding” button should also be present.
  2. To offboard an active user, selection is done by utilizing the UCSF employee ID number.
    1. Enter the UCSF Employee ID number, then click on the "Search" button.
    2. Verify you have the correct user selected and review the DPH Last Login and Badge Last Used dates.
      1. Note: If the person has a recent AD login or Badge last used date, double check before offboarding them.

    3. Once you have verified the dates, and are sure you want to offboard the user, check the "I have reviewed ..." checkbox.
    4. Enter a current or future date for the Offboarding Effective Date in mm/dd/yyyy format or by clicking on the calendar button and selecting a current or future.
    5. Click the "Submit Offboarding Request" button. You will receive a pop up that the record was successfully offboarded.
      1. In addition to the pop up message, the person who submitted the offboarding request and the department manager associated with the offboarded employee’s department will receive an email from Hydra indicating the offboarding request has been submitted.

To logout of the Hydra Website, please close all open tabs on your browser.

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