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A Person of Interest (POI) number (and temporary password) is required to access the San Francisco Learning Portal, a City and County system used for training. 

UCSF employees and trainees must acquire a unique POI number by being added to the ZSFG Dean’s Office Hydra database. 

Once added to the Hydra database, a POI number will automatically be requested.  Please click here for instructions on how to get added to the Hydra database.

Please note: It can take up to 10 business days from the date the employee/trainee was added into Hydra for the City's HR/Controller's Office to assign the POI number. 

Once a POI number has been assigned, it will be entered into the Hydra database and displayed in the daily UCSF Hydra Manager Match file

After a POI number has been entered into the Hydra database, contact the DPH Service Desk to obtain a temporary password for the POI account (via email: or via phone: 628-206-7378).

For your convenience, the below automated email will be sent to the employee after the POI number has been entered into Hydra:

Sent: Date/Time

To: recipient’s name

Subject: DPH POI Number Issued

Dear First Name,

This is to inform you that a POI number request has been processed for you.  Your POI number is 12345.

You will need to contact the DPH Service Desk at (628) 206-7378 to reset your POI password.

This POI number will be used to access the SF Employee Learning system for Annual Education, Compliance & Privacy and Epic online training modules in relation to your affiliation to the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  Additional information can be found at

This is an auto-generated email sent from an unattended mailbox.  Please do not reply to this message.

Thank you,

UCSF IT Service Desk

Main:  628-206-5126

Fast, Efficient Solutions

Link to the UCSF Hydra Status Keys to provide guidance for abbreviations in the manager match file and active vs. inactive status.

Link to information for the UCSF Hydra Manager Match file

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