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Hydra is a database managed by the ZSFG Dean’s Office which captures UCSF at ZSFG employee and trainee data elements via selected upstream UCSF and DPH database feeds. Hydra is utilized for ZSFG onboarding, offboarding and compliance reporting.  Department managers or their designees receive monthly reports and are responsible for ensuring the data in Hydra for their department is accurate and up-to-date.

Please note that for DPH Epic access, in addition to being added to Hydra you will also need to submit the DPH Epic onboarding template after the DPH AD account and POI number has been assigned in Hydra.  Please click here for additional information on the DPH Epic onboarding template.

Click on the appropriate employee, trainee or affiliate classification below for additional instructions on onboarding into Hydra.  See below for Onboarding Overview and Timing.

Note: In order to onboard, reactivate or remain active a record in Hydra, the UCSF eID number must be active in the UCSF Enterprise Directory Service (EDS) system.  Link to information for UCSF EDS Affiliation Status Codes.

Hydra Onboarding Overview

Hydra Onboarding Timing

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