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To obtain access to, UCSF employees affiliated with ZSFG will need to submit an online account request form (ARF) subject to department manager approval.


  1. Go to  Then in the Order Specific IT Services section, click Accounts, Access & Email | ARF: Account Request Form (Campus, SOM, ZSFG/SFGH).

  2. In the section For ZSFG (SFGH)/DPH users only, select DPH Remote Access Token, DPH VDI and DPH MyDesktop Access .  Please see sample screenshot below.

  3. In the Authorized Approver section, indicate a supervisor or manager at your ZSFG location.

  4. Fill in other required fields (such as the provider name that requires access) then click Order Now.

Technical Support:

For technical assistance, please call the UCSF Service Desk at 628-206-5126 and ask the analyst to assign ticket to ITFS_SFGH team.

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