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Non-ACGME and visiting trainees may not be in the automated MedHub feed, therefore the department’s trainee administrator (TA) will need to submit a Hydra manual add template. The TAs should have access to the ZSFG TA box folder where the manual add template and numerous other TA onboarding info is located. You can also click here to download the latest version of the ZSFG Hydra database manual add template.  If prompted, please click on enable editing (see screen shot below), then follow the instructions on the template to export the completed template file as a CSV and email to

Please check the Hydra trainee file in UCSF Box or the Hydra match file to confirm the information has been added to Hydra and to verify POI number and DPH Active Directory (AD) account info.

Please note that for DPH Epic access, in addition to being added to Hydra you will also need to submit the DPH Epic onboarding template after the DPH AD account and POI number has been assigned in Hydra.  Please click here for additional information on the DPH Epic onboarding template.

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