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ZSFG affiliated providers, courtesy/volunteer faculty AND staff employees that are not in Hydra, the UCSF department would need to submit a UCSF Account Request Form (ARF) (and select the needed DPH options such as DPH Active Directory, DPH Badge or DPH Training/POI) to have the employee or affiliate added into Hydra. Please note that an active UCSF employee/affiliate ID number will be required in order to have the entry added to the Hydra database.  ARF requests that do not select at least one DPH option will not automatically be added to Hydra.

Once added, Hydra will submit a POI request to the Department of Public Health (DPH) HR team.  Please check the Hydra match file to confirm the information has been added into Hydra and to verify POI and DPH Active Directory (AD) account info.

Non-ZSFG affiliated providers, faculty, volunteers, staff and trainees who are affiliated with UCSF and provide service at a DPH location (i.e.; a DPH Health Center) will need to have their site coordinator / supervisor submit a Hydra manual add template.  Additional information can be located here.

Please note that for DPH Epic access, in addition to being added to Hydra you will also need to submit the DPH Epic onboarding template after the DPH AD account and POI number has been assigned in Hydra.  Please click here for additional information on the DPH Epic onboarding template.

For provider classifications that require credentialing, it is the responsibility of the department to verify with the ZSFG Medical Staff Office that the provider is credentialed at ZSFG before allowing the provider to provide patient care or access DPH Epic or other DPH electronic health records.

Procedure to submit a UCSF Account Request Form (ARF):

  1. Go to  Then in the Order Specific IT Services section, click Accounts, Access & Email | Select ARF: Account Request Form (Campus, SOM, ZSFG/SFGH).

  2. In the section For ZSFG (SFGH)/DPH users only, select at least one of the DPH listed options that are needed.  Please see sample screenshot below.

  3. Please note that for DPH Epic access, in addition to submitting the UCSF ARF and checking the DPH AD account, DPH Annual Training/POI and DPH VDI options, you will also need to submit the DPH Epic onboarding template after the DPH AD account and POI number has been assigned in Hydra.  Please click here for additional information on the DPH Epic onboarding template.

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