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Click here to view the Hydra Onboarding Page for info on getting into Hydra. 

The person you are onboarding must have the three items listed below before filling out the DPH Epic Onboarding Template.

  1. Be in the UCSF Hydra database with an active status
  2. Have a DPH AD account assigned (used to sign into DPH Active Directory and DPH Epic)
  3. Have a POI number assigned (used to sign into CCSF Learning training site)

A manager or trainee administrator can confirm this information by looking at the Hydra Manager Match file.  Once the DPH AD and POI number information is confirmed, the manager, site director or training administrator can fill out the DPH Epic Onboarding Template and submit via email to:

If you have previously submitted the DPH Epic Onboarding Template and are still having issues accessing DPH Epic, please email and include the First and Last name, DPH AD account name, POI number and the UCSF employee ID number in your email.

Click here to download the DPH Epic Onboarding Template

Click here to view the one pager for onboarding UCSF trainees (students, residents, fellows) into DPH Epic.  * Please note: Trainees must be rotating for at least 40 hours on a DPH campus in order to obtain DPH Epic access.

Click here to download the Epic Onboarding Presentation PDF

Click here to view the Epic Onboarding Presentation from December 3, 2019 (A UCSF MyAccess account is required to view)

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