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  1. Navigate to .

  2. Sign in with your DPH username and password then click Sign in.

  3. Click Start Setup.

  4. Select Mobile Phone, or Tablet (landline is not recommended) then click Continue.

  5. Enter your mobile phone number then click Continue.

  6. Select your phone OS (iPhone or Android, etc.) then click Continue.

  7. Launch the App store for your phone then search and install Duo Mobile (logo below).  However, please note that this is the same app that you use for UCSF DUO VPN.  You might already have this installed.

  8. On your computer click I have Duo Mobile installed.

  9. Open the Duo Mobile App on your phone and press the + (plus) icon.

  10. Your phone’s camera will open.  Scan the QR Code on the screen then click Continue once scanned.

  11. Select your preferred settings (see screenshot below for recommended settings).

    Enrollment is now complete and the system will show you an example (below) of what screen you should expect once you sign into the Webconnect system going forward.

Technical Support:

For technical assistance, please call the UCSF Service Desk at 628-206-5126 and ask the analyst to assign ticket to ITFS_SFGH team.

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