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ACGME trainees should be in the MedHub feed and automatically added to the Hydra database if their start date in MedHub is within 180 days and the MedHub/GME program code is associated with a program that rotates at ZSFG.  If they are missing from the report, it may be due to a missing GME program code or that code may not be associated as rotating through ZSFG.  In those cases, we would need to either associate the program code with ZSFG, or manually add the trainee if they are a one-off from that training program.  

If the trainee is completely missing from MedHub, the trainee administrator (TA) will need to work with the UCSF Graduate Medical Education (GME) office to get them into MedHub.  

Please check the Hydra trainee file in UCSF Box or the Hydra match file to confirm the information has been added to Hydra and to verify POI number and DPH Active Directory (AD) account info.

Please note that for DPH Epic access, in addition to being added to Hydra you will also need to submit the DPH Epic onboarding template after the DPH AD account and POI number has been assigned in Hydra.  Please click here for additional information on the DPH Epic onboarding template.

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