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Pediatric Grand Rounds takes place every Tuesday from 8-9AM over zoom. Watch the conference live, or you may watch later via our youtube channel here https://tiny.ucsf.edu/YoutubeZSFGPedsGR.

To evaluate a grand rounds session go to:  http://tiny.ucsf.edu/ZSFGGReval.  You must watch the conference live in order to receive CME credit.

Upcoming sessions



Tim Uyeki MD, MPH, MPPUpdate on Influenza


Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH

Evaluation of Febrile Infants 60 Days and Younger in the ED in 2023: After the American Academic of Pediatrics Guidelines 


Ayesha McAdams-Mahmoud, ScD, MPHUnlocking the Power of Storytelling in Healthcare and Public Health Settings


Addison Cuneo MDMedical Trauma Stress 


Amy Beck MD & Sarah Kim MD

New Frontiers in the Treatment of Adolescent Obesity


Maude Dull MD & Mandeep Chadha MD

Don’t Go with the Flow! Reducing Overuse of Heated High Flow Nasal Cannula for Bronchiolitis


Stephanie Holm MD

Pediatric Environmental Health and the Toolkit for Providers 


Carter Lebares MD

Individual Wellbeing: Influencing Systems and Culture in Surgery


Adam Schickedanz MD, PhD & Monique Holguin LCSW PhD

Anti-Poverty Medicine: Medical-Financial Partnerships to Improve Parent and Child Health


Renée Boynton-Jarrett MD, ScD

Reimagining Child Welfare: Trustworthy Institutions and Community-Designed Systems*

*Due to some unpublished data, this talk was not record per the speaker request.  


Andrew Beck MD, MPH

Advancing Health Equity so that all Children Thrive: Emerging Lessons from Cincinnati Children’s


Radhika Rajan MD & Wilson Mourad MD

Addressing Mental Health and Resilience in Migrant school-aged children through School Based Interventions


Geoff Hart Cooper MD & Matt Spinelli MD

What Every General Pediatrician Should Know about PrEP


Amy Whittle MD, Taylor Clark MD                           & Continuity Clinic Team

Improving Routine Childhood Immunization Rates: Missing No Opportunities


Sarah Bourne MD & Morgan Kelly MD

Addressing Health Equity Through After School Programs


Tiana S. Woolridge, MD, MPH

Embrace the Mind: Empowering Youth as Changemakers in the Pediatric Mental Health Crisis


Heather Briscoe, MD & Dominika Seidman, MD MAS

 Fostering a Compassionate, Collaborative, and Supportive Culture of Care for Families Impacted by Substance Use


Raechelle Ocampo, MD, MS &

Katherine Minaya, MD, MST

Adventures in Efficiency: Chief Year in Review


Amy Gelfand MD

Pediatric Migraine Management in 2023


Fatima Barragan MD

Advancing Wellness Equity with Pediatric Integrative Medicine


Amanda Millstein MD

Climate, Health, and Equity: Why our Advocacy Matters as Pediatricians


Joan Jeung MD & Lourdes Juarez NP

Building Child & Family Resilience in Pediatric Primary Care


Zea Malawa MD

Taking Action to Dismantle Anti-Black Racism



Jyothi Marbin MD & Saniya Kishnani MD

The Sidewalk School/GRM Clinic:  A Collaborative Approach to Providing Medical Support to Asylum Seeking Families


Shira Shavit MD

Advancing Health Equity in Partnership with Communities Impacted by Mass Incarceration


Audrey Uong, MD, MS

Dismantling Burnout in Pediatrics: What, Where & How


Daniel Grossman MD, FACOG

Medication Abortion: Clinical and Policy Considerations in a Post-Roe World


Fernando Urrego MD, MPH

Evidence Based Approach to Cough in Children- A Roadmap for Pediatricians


Alyssa Silver MD

Pediatricians Making a Difference: Firearm Injury Prevention Across a Spectrum of Specialties and Settings 


Nichole A. Tyson MD 

Period Problems in Teens - Let’s Talk Bleeding & Pain


Sneha Daya MD

Lessons Learned in Inclusion & Belonging


Thomas B Newman MD, MPH

Update on Neonatal Jaundice


Gina Biviano MA ,Nicolas Hatamiya DO & Tiana Woolridge MD, MPH

Sports Concussion in Youth: Key Updates


Jason Nagata, MD, MSc

Eating Disorders Across the Gender Spectrum 


Theodore Ruel MD 

Hot Topics in Pediatric Viral Diseases: HIV, RSV, Influenza and COVID-19



Jayme Congdon MD

Family Planning Counseling in Primary Care Settings


Elena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, MPH

Addressing Health Disparities through Research and Scholarship


Tim Uyeki MD, MPH, MPP

Influenza Returns: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment


Mica Estrada MD 

Learning from Gardens and Braided Rivers to Increase Inclusion in STEMM


Gail Lee & Arianne Teherani PhD

UC Center for Climate Health and Equity and UCSF’s Carbon Neutrality Plan 


Kristen Wendorf, MD, MS

What's New in Pediatric Tuberculosis? 


Christopher C. Stewart, MD

6 Things You Should Know About Medical Child Abuse 
(Formerly Munchausen by Proxy)


Hilary Seligmen, MD, MAS 

Food is Medicine: What it Means for Pediatrics


Christopher Montgomery, MPH

Every System is Perfectly Designed to Get the Results That It Gets 



Suni Kaiser MD, MSc

Quality and Safety Efforts: Best Practices and Future Directions 


Garen J. Wintemute, MD, MPH

Firearm Violence: What You Can Do


Theresa Cheng                    

Justice-Involved Youth and Law Enforcement in Healthcare Settings


Kenshata Watkins, MD

Restraint Use Among Pediatric Patients with Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies




Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D. (she/her), Janet Y. Lee, MD, MPH, MAS (she/her) &  J. Cohen, LCSW (they/them)

Interdisciplinary Approach to Gender Affirmative Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth


Monica Rivera

Body Sovereignty as a Necessary Framework for Pediatric Medicine


Bianca Argueza, MD, Laura Deering MD, Jimmy Franco, MD & Liz Young MD

Integrating Discussions on Racism & Health Equity into Clinical Reasoning Conference


Robyn "Ra" Adcock, DACM, LAc, CMT

The Essential Nature of Acupuncture for Pediatric Pain and Symptom Management


Raechelle Ocampo MD, MS

The GLIDE Resilience Project: Examining the Role of Pediatricians in Afterschool Programs


Katherine Minaya MD

Being Ahistorical in Our Work With CBOs: Examining how we can more judiciously engage with communities we aim to serve and lessons learned


Lauren Grant MD & Martha Muna MD

"I Don't Know" Lessons Learned as New Attendings


Fatima Barragan MD, Morgan Kelly MD, Wilson Mourad MD & Amy Whittle MD

Teen MyChart Enrollment: A Resident-Led Quality Improvement Initiative


Denise Powell MD

Health Collaborations through the Lens of Media and Restorative Justice


Santiago Rozo MD

Opportunities to Bridge Mental Health Disparities through Social-Emotional Learning Programs


Omar Salman MD

Re-Imagining Pediatric Cancer Survivorship to Improve Outcomes and Eliminate Disparities

(No Recording per GR Speaker Request)


Justin Bullock MD, MPH & Meghan O'Brien MD, MBE

From Eggshells to Action: Preparing to Address Microaggressions Targeting Learners


Megumi J. Okumura MD. MAS

Resilience in Action: The Development and Piloting of a Self-Actualization Skills Course in Young Adults with Autism to Improve the Transition to Adult Life


Matthew J. Kan, MD, PhD

Accelerating Cures for Inborn Errors of Immunity with Therapeutic CRISPR Genome Editing


Bissa Zamboldi- Moore, Gwen Hubner MD, Talia Mahony MD & Ursula Griffiths-Randolph MD, MPH

Allies for Health: A Partnership with Pregnant and Parenting High School Students


Mayra Alvarez & Gabriella Barbosa

Community Health Workers: An Anti-Racist Approach to Health Care Delivery for Children


Rupa Marya MD

Deep Medicine and the Care Revolution


Kim F. Rhoads, MD, MS, MPH, FACS

Health Equity Requires Action


Philip M. Alberti, PhD

The Principles of Trustworthiness


Laura H. Rubinos MD, FAAP & Danielle Perez, MD

A Journey in Developing an Inclusive & Supportive Mentorship Program for Pediatric Residents: Highlights & Lessons Learned


Neeti Doshi MD, MPH & Janelle Bercun, LCSW

The Listening Project: Moving from Empathy to Equity


Lisa Eisbenberg, MPP, MSW

School-Based Health Centers: Strategies for Addressing Child & Adolescent Health Care


Kevin Clarke, MD, CTropMed, FAAP, CDR

When Protection meets Public Health: Experience from the Afghanistan Evacuation


Robert Pantell MD

Febrile Infant Clinical Guideline Updates


Christopher B. Colwell, MD

Breaking the Cycle: Implementing a Community Violence Intervention Program


Susan A. Fisher-Owens, MD, MPH

What’s (Old and) New with Flu (and others): Vaccine Update


Alan Schroeder MD

Controversies Surrounding UTI in Young Infants


Ester Chen MD & Glenn Rosenbluth MD

Resident QI Incentive Programs, Lessons Learned


Mabel Chan MD & Nora Pfaff, MD, FAAP

Is There a Guideline For That? Collaboration and Clinical Consensus- a review of the UCSF Northern California Neonatal (NCNC) and Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) Consortiums


Tonya Chaffee, MD, MPH

UPDATE on Sexually Transmitted Infections In Adolescents & Young Adults 2021


Valerie Gribben MD & Jyothi Marbin MD

A Structural Competency Approach to Tobacco Related Health Disparities


Dara Papo LCSW & Elizabeth Goldman MD, MCR

CalAIM - The Next Medi-Cal Waiver


Monica Gandhi MD, MPH

COVID-19 in Children: History of Pandemics, Infectious Diseases and School Closures


Kate Margolis PhD, & Amy Whittle MD

HealthySteps Annual Update: Reviewing Progress and Next Steps to Integrating Care for Our Youngest Patients


Diana A. Coffa MD & Noelle Martinez, MD, MPH

Exploring Agency and Coercion in Medical Care


Andi Marmor MD, MSEd & Kimberlee Honda RN, MS, FNP

What's New in Asthma? The Latest Guidelines and Implications for Our Practice



Stephanie Holm, MD PhD MPH

Considering Environmental Exposures in Kids: Wildfire Smoke as an Example


Hilary Seligman, MD, MAS

Strategic Science and Accelerating Evidence-Based Policies in Federal Nutrition Programs


Robyn "Ra" Adcock, DACM, LAc, Dipl. OM, CMT

Safe and Successful K-12 Schools in CA: Public Health Leadership Stories From the Pandemic


Cristina Benki, PhD, Amber Borucki, MD & Robyn "Ra" Adcock, DACM, LAc, CMT

Trauma Informed, Interdisciplinary Pain Management


C. Jason Wang, MD, PhD

The Art of COVID Command


Rachel Willard-Grace, MPH 

Joy in Practice: Lessons from research and clinical experience

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