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Scope of Work

The streamlined manual deposit tool is an intuitive web interface that enables authors to upload their manuscripts with as few clicks and as little data entry as possible.

(tick) Manual deposit has officially launched! For more information about how to get started, visit the OSC deposit page.

Requirements that were addressed in the initial release (November 1, 2013)

Automated metadata completion when a permanent identifier is providedUser should be able to enter a PubMed ID or DOI and have the rest of the form data (article title, author names, etc.) completed automatically.(tick)
Drag-and-drop file uploadUser should be able to drag a file from their desktop and drop it onto the form.(tick)
Crystal clear routes to depositUser should be able to effortlessly navigate to the deposit workflow from any eScholarship or Reshaping Scholarly Communications page.(tick)
User can skip file upload if OA version of article is available elsewhereIf the user's article is already openly available because they've published with an OA journal or have deposited their article in a different OA repository, the system should not require them to upload the file again. Instead the user should be asked for a link to the external version.(tick)
User will have a clear sense of the status of their deposit and what steps (if any) remainThe confirmation screen displayed once the deposit process is completed will clearly state the future URL of the deposit as well as who is responsible for approving the item for public posting. User will also receive email updates regarding the status of their deposit.(tick)
File version guidanceThe tool should provide advice to the user on which version of the manuscript is the most appropriate version to upload.(tick)

Symbol Guide: (tick) = Completed; (lightbulb) = In Progress; (blue star) = On Hold / Awaiting Other Development

Requirements under consideration for future releases

Ability to override suggested optionsWhen the system makes suggestions regarding which file type to upload or how long an embargo period should be, the user should be able to override these options in cases where their needs do not match our recommendation(s).
Single sign-on (Shibboleth support)User should be able to log into the system with their existing campus credentials.
Connection to Publication Management SystemManual deposit workflow should monitor information from the publication management system to avoid duplicate entries, potentially assist with data entry.
Connection to SHERPA/RoMEOEnhance file version guidance by alerting user when a publisher has more generous posting policies than those covered by the OA policy (e.g. when a publisher allows all authors to post a formatted version).
Support flexible deposit destination(s) within eScholarshipAuthors should be able to submit to their campus's publication collection, their department or research unit's collection, or both.
Facilitate deposit to external repositoriesAuthors who are obliged by an external funding agency to additionally deposit in a repository other than eScholarship should be able to make both deposits from the eScholarship deposit workflow.

Planning documents

Current and past mock-up versions, as well as planning schematics can be accessed on the Manual Deposit Planning Documents page.



Current Focus

For more details about past progress & future work, visit the Project Scope & Timeline.

Outreach & Community Engagement

The scope of work for this project has been shaped directly by requirements we have gathered (and continue to gather) from UC authors, OA project stakeholders and colleagues at other institutions.

Colleagues engaged in a discussion.

For information about past and present opportunities to connect with this project, visit the Community Engagement page. We also invite you to add your voice to the project's discussion forum or contact the implementation team directly.




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