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We welcome you to add your voice to the conversation. This Discussion Forum is available for UC community members to share comments and feedback on any part of the OAPI project.



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  1. Will this program be extended to non-Senate faculty. Many lecturers and librarians, for example, have extensive and significant publications.  Chris Hables Gray, Ph.D., Crown College, UCSC

  2. Right now the Open Access Policy only covers Senate faculty, so that’s who the publication management system covers. There is a proposed policy under review that, if adopted, would reach other authors employed by UC. We do not know yet when or whether that policy will go into effect. The most recent comment period on the proposed policy closed in January, and you can read a little more about it here: 

  3. In addition to Katie's answer, I'd like to mention that non-Senate faculty are welcome to deposit their work in eScholarship. This is a manual deposit process that's not connected to the UC Publication Management System developed to respond to the UC OA Policy. You can learn more here: