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The Academic Senate determined that the UC Academic Senate Open Access Policy, adopted July 24, 2013, would have a phased implementation, with deposit/harvesting support for the following three campuses during the pilot period of AY 2013-14:  UCSF, UCLA, and UC Irvine.  The CDL worked closely with these three campuses to establish a manual deposit workflow and a publication management system for their faculty. The CDL additionally engaged the other seven UC campuses in user testing during this process in order to get systemwide feedback on the tools and services under development.

Publication Management System - UC Campus Implementation Partners

The CDL regularly engages with partners at each campus to ensure that setup, installation and configuration of the harvesting system meets local users' needs.

  • UC Irvine
    • Mitchell Brown - Scholarly Communications Coordinator / Research Librarian
    • Matt McKinley - Digital Projects Specialist
    • Adrian Petrisor - Director of Information Technology
  • UCLA
    • Sharon Shaefer, Librarian / Usability Assessment Committee Chair
    • Additional consultants (for integration with local campus systems):
      • Meg Buzzi - Project Director (Opus)
      • Ying Ma - Technical Project Manager (Opus)
      • Heather Small - Project Coordinator (Opus)
  • UCSF
    • Anneliese Taylor - Assistant Director, Scholarly Communications & Collections
    • Richard Trott -  Director, Academic Information Systems
    • Additional consultants (for integration with local campus systems):

Publication Management System RFP Evaluation Team members:

  • Adrian Petrisor, Library IT Director, University of California, Irvine,
  • Gary Thompson, Library Computing Resource Manager, University of California, Los Angeles,
  • Anneliese Taylor, Assistant Director, Scholarly Communications & Collections, University of California, San Francisco,

UC Campus Contacts:

Campus library staff are available to answer general questions about the UC Academic Senate Open Access policy and its implementation.

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