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California Caregiver Resource Centers:

* Every family caregiver in California caring for someone with an acquired brain illness can access the Caregiver Resource Center in their county. Amongst other services such as providing support and education to caregivers, CRCs may also be able to provide a respite grant designed to give the caregiver a break.

Alzheimer's Association:

* If you are caring for someone with a dementia related illness, be sure to call your local Alzheimer's Association to inquire about a respite grant.

In Home Support Services:

* In California, those who are receiving or eligible for Medi-Cal may also qualify to received IHSS services which help pay for ongoing homecare attendant services.

Veteran's Administration Caregiver Support:

* The VA provides caregiver support services for veterans and their family caregivers such as education, support, homecare, adult day care and respite stays.

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