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  • Coping with the Unique Challenges of Adults Living with Brain Disease: Caregiver Workshop at UCSF MAY 4th, 2013
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Event Flyer:

Neuro-Caregiver Conference MAC(3).pdf

Event Agenda:


Event Powerpoint Presentations:

  1. Effects of Brain Disease on Loved Ones and Our Relationshipsby Virginia Sturm, PhD
    5-3-13_Caregiver talk_Deidentified.pptx

  2. Living with Brain Injuryby Amanda Lamarre, PhD and Robin Ketelle, RN
    Living with Brain Injury May 4 2013.pdf
  3. Managing the System by Natasha Boissier, LCSW
    Managing the system(1).pdf

  4. Mindfulness-Based Care for Cognitive Disabilities: Less Stress, Better Careby Marguerite Manteau-Rao, MFT
    MBC_MAC presentation02.pdf

  5. Safe Driving

  6. Estate Planning and Health Care Directives

  7. Health Care Decisions Across The Trajectory of Illness by Susan Barbour, RN, MS, ASCHPN
    Health Care Decisions across the Trajectory of Illnes5s.pptx

  8. Children And Adolescents In The Home by R. Brac Selph, PsyD

Brain Tumor Caregiver Panel Reflections:

  1. Caregiving - Our Story.pdf by Ron Brown

  2. Caregiver Panel Speech3.docx by Abigail Marks


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