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Launched on November 7, 2017, #nlp-biomed Slack channel on UCTech Slack is a communications space for community of practice around NLP technologies applied to clinical & biomedical research and healthcare.

*Cultivate expertise
*Build knowledge base & tech support infrastructure
*Help make NLP accessible to users at UC

Here is how to join the #nlp-biomed channel on UC Tech Slack:

Step 1Join the UC Tech Slack Workspace by signing up with your UCSF email address.

Step 2: Setup your Slack Profile using these fun steps.

Step 3: If you are new to Slack, download the Slack desktop and mobile apps. Getting a Slack app will help you stay in sync with the channel activity and control your notifications.

Step 4: Join the #nlp-biomed channel as follows:

  • Open the UC Tech Workspace on your Slack app.

  • In the left sidebar, Under the Direct Messages, click on Slackbot 

  • In the Slackbot chat window, type in “/join #nlp-biomed":

  • Now you are part of the group!

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