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Welcome to NLP@UCSF community knowledge base!

This Wiki space is used to document shared and curated knowledge UCSF NLP community generates as we experiment, learn and implement NLP tools in various clinical and biomedical research and innovation projects. Everyone involved with NLP work at UCSF and affiliate organizations is encouraged to contribute content here. Space administrators will help organize and categorize the knowledge based on community input to make it accessible and usable for UCSF community. 

Next NLP@UCSF Tech Meetup

The next NLP@UCSF meetup will be a joint meetup with the UC Berkeley D-Lab Computational Text Analysis Working Group. 

Featured Topic: What are topic models for? - Presenters: Cody Hennesy, Journalism & Digital Media Librarian, University of Minnesota & David Naughton, Library Data and Technology, University of Minnesota

Cody Hennesy and David Naughton from the University of Minnesota will report back on a project using topic models to generate new hypotheses about 85 years of scholarly literature in library & information science. Cody will also (1) talk about Constellate, a new platform that provides text mining access to millions of scholarly articles, historical US newspapers, and digital archives, and (2) ask for your data cleaning advice on a new web scraping project.

Monthly Meetups

NLP@UCSF community organizers are pleased to announce monthly practitioner meetups for those of us who implement or use NLP to enable research or support clinical work. Ongoing meetups are usually scheduled for the last Thursday of every month at 3:30pm. Locations will rotate. This regular meeting is an opportunity for UCSF NLP practitioners to ask questions, discuss approaches and solutions, share best practices as well as the latest news from the field.

To learn what you've missed at the previous meetups and to discuss the upcoming meetup, visit the Blogs page!

NLP-Biomed Slack Channel

Join the NLP-Biomed Slack Channel through this link.

The channel is envisioned as a space for instant communications, practice Q&A, announcements for UCSF (and other UCs) community of practice around NLP!

NLP@UCSF Email List

Sign up for the mailing list here

You will receive periodic email with updates from NLP@UCSF community, including a digest of activity on our Slack channel. 

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