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This is the home of the MyResearch Knowledge Bank space.

MyResearch is a secure data hosting service for researchers. This service provides research teams with a professionally managed, secure, web-based, collaborative environment in which to manage files containing sensitive data. MyResearch also provides remote desktop capability with application and database services that allow investigators to view, manipulate, and save their data entirely in a protected environment without requiring files to be stored on their own computers. Applications such as SAS or Excel run on the MyResearch servers in our secure data center but they appear on the user’s own screen as if they were running locally on the user’s computer.

Using MyResearch

The MyResearch environment can be accessed from any PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet. Document management software (SharePoint) provides a secure way for researchers to share files. Access to the MyResearch site and data requires investigators to login using their UCSF Campus Active Directory user ID and password. Principal Investigators can authorize staff to access individual files or folders. Also, full audit reports are available.

Investigators connect to the MyResearch applications using Microsoft Remote Desktop client installed on their device. Data can then be stored and retrieved in MyResearch.

Getting Access

To request a new UCSF MyResearch account or add users to your current account, go to this link: and click on “MyResearch Acct/User/Study Request Form” or contact the Service Desk at 415-514-4100.

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