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  • MyResearch Configuration - Windows 10
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This job aid explains how to access your MyResearch account using your Control Panel in the Windows 8/10 environments. If you regularly use the same computer to connect to your RemoteApp sessions, you can now add a direct connection from your computer’s Control Panel.

Click the Start button 

and select the Control Panel.


Switch to the Icon View and select the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections option.

Click the “Access Remote Apps and Desktops” text on the left of the pane


Complete the connection URL: field and press the Next button. https://arsportal.ucsf.edu/rdweb/feed/webfeed.aspx

On the Ready to set up the connection screen, click the Next button. 

Complete the Enter your credentials fields with the appropriate domain\your username, your password and click the OK button

When a new connection screen displays, click the Finish button.

You have now added a folder to your Windows 10 Start Menu from which you can launch all of your MyResearch applications.

To locate your new folder, click the Start button, scroll down to the MyResearch folder. 

Click on the application you would like to launch.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Academic Research Systems (ARS) at its-arssupport@ucsf.edu