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(2) Can't find a user to add to your wiki space? See what you can do when User cannot be found via search .
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  • How to Apply for a REDCap Account
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To apply for a REDCap account, please go to this Service Now form.

If you open this link in a new tab, you can still refer to the instructions on this page.


You will need to enter your name, email address, and phone number (all required).

Please check the box that indicates you understand that UCSF Related study data will be kept in REDCap by all new account users on this request.

Now you have to Add at least one REDCap user.

Start to enter their name into the Name box and it should auto-complete.

Their employee ID and email address should appear after you hit return.

You only need to enter the first name and last name fields if their name does not appear when you entered their Name.

(It that occurs, please check the box beside: Check this box if you cannot find the user name)

Watch for the DocuSign Attestation form that will be sent to you, the Subject line is ‘Statement of Responsibility for Requester of PII and/or PHI’, (not DocuSign Attestation form.)

After e-signing the attestation form, your REDCap account will auto-provision and you will receive a Welcome to REDCap email with your log in information.

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