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  • Data Tools Access Request Procedure
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(Wiki creation date: 8/6/2020)

The process starts with a user Data Tools Request starting here


Scroll down to:  Getting Access: First time Users. Open the Research Data Tools Request Form.

Clicking on that request form will show you a list that is in ServiceNow:


Find the Research Data and Tools Access Request line (the RedCAP request is right above it.)

When you select it, you will see a form you will need to fill out:

Research Data and Tools Access Request
  "Request access to De-identified Clinical Data Warehouse, Information Commons, and other research query tools for counts and more"

Here are the data tools choices. It's very common to select more than one.

As of this writing, this list is in order of popularity. 

Note, since you have logged in, your name and email address will be prefilled-in. They are not changeable at this point.

For most of your choices, you will need your manager's approval. If you are faculty, you will need someone else in your department.

You will also have to state why you need this access.

After you submit this request form, you may receive automated email notifications:

From DocuSign: If you need to sign the "Statement of Responsibility for Requestor of Personally Identifiable Information and/or Protected Health Information," you will receive an email from 'DocuSign.'
This statement must be reviewed and signed every 2 years for HIPAA and UCSF security compliance requirements.

From UCSF Research Data Team: If you need to complete any required UCSF training, you'll receive an email notifying you what to complete. (e.g., HIPAA training, UCSF Cybersecurity, Responsibilities with Clinical Data.)
NOTE You can get dropped in this process if you don't do all three trainings. You will get once a week training reminders.
From UCSF Service Now: After completion of all applicable requirement, access will be granted and you will receive Welcome emails for your requested services

Note: GitHub access is included with every service access request.

Final notes:

Please complete any applicable requirements within 30 calendar days of initial request. You will need to resubmit your request if not completed within that time period.
You need approval before access is granted. Your approver will get an automated email from UCSF ServiceNow and can approve the request by simply clicking "Accept" in the email. 


More detail you don't need to know about

The process goes back to ServiceNow

The system checks to see if you have Docu-Signed at Attestation Form, and it sends email to your project manager for approval.

Once that has happens it checks if you have completed your training (Hippa, Cybersecurity, Handling Clinical Data).

If you have NOT completed your training:

  - it becomes a "Task" for ARS, and it send email to ARS listing what you have requested. ARS then creates a monitor process to ask you to complete your training. (This will change in the future.)

Once you have finished your training,

  DeID CDW - you are added to deid_cohort_users and sent a personalize welcome email.


  If a user has already finished their training before this process begins, they are added to the group, WITHOUT a welcome email.

Internal Notes

To check on a training request that doesn't show up in the training task list look here"

Requested Item: sc_req_item


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