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SAML 2 SSO profile is not configured for relying party

Your SP is configured correctly and communicating with our IdP, but we haven't done the necessary configuration on our end yet. Be sure you have submitted a MyAccess Integration Request.

Unable to locate metadata for identity provider

You configured your SP to communicate with an IdP it doesn't have metadata for. Make sure you have downloaded a copy of the MyAccess IdP metadata into the same directory as shibboleth2.xml, and that you have a MetadataProvider defined in shibboleth2.xml pointing to that file:

<MetadataProvider type="XML" file="idp-metadata.xml"/>

Message does not meet security requirements

A number of different problems can cause this message, including:

  • Your system time is too far out of sync with the one on the IdP

To be sure, we need to check the IdP logs. Please send us a message with your entityID and the time you saw this error.


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