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In a Rush?

Check out the "How It Works: MyAccess, SAML and Shibboleth" article first.

Shibboleth Integration Steps



1. Responsibilities and AgreementLearn your and our responsibilities throughout the integration process

2. Analyze your application

A self-assessment guide to measure your readiness

3. Consider integration timeline

An approximate timeline of MyAccess integration

4. Determine your data requirements

A guid to help determine the user information your application needs

5. Join the Shibboleth support community

Optionally join the Shibboleth mailing list to become more familiar with the technology and its trends

6. Install and Configure SAML Service Provider (SP) Software

Use our configuration guidelines to help install and configure Service Provider software. This may not be necessary on externally hosted systems (verify with your service provider)

7. Submit MyAccess integration request

Send information to the ITS Identity and Access Management team

8. Develop and deliver end-user communications

Make sure your users are informed about authentication changes when you integrate with MyAccess

9. Production deployment

Set date for final production migration and give the IAM team advanced notice

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